Bricks Calculator (Arch, Circle, Wall, Volume)

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Bricks Calculator (Arch, Circle, Wall, Volume) Bricks Calculator (Arch, Circle, Wall, Volume)
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• Calculate Bricks Quantity ( Number of Bricks )
• Calculate Bricks Mortar Quantity + Cement Bags and Sand.
• you can edit Brick Mortar ratio according to you.
• you can edit labour per CFT or per cubic meter rate according to you.
• You can edit Mortar dry volume value according to you
• you can edit Cement bag rate according to you.
• you can edit Sand per CFT or per cubic meter rate according to you.
• You can edit Brick rate according to you.
• Get Cement cost, Labour cost, sand cost, Bricks cost , Bricks nos, and Total cost
Works for Single and Double Skin Walls.
Allows for Window / Door Area in wall.
Blocks Calculator
Bricks Calculator
Bricks Calculator (Arch, Circle, Wall, Volume).
Calculate Arch Bricks, Bricks Wall, Circle Wall,Wall Volume by Bricks Calculator.
Helpful for Civil Engineer
Bricks are calculated on a square meter area, assuming you use the Metric system. Depending on the size of the bricks, for example usually for 100 mm bricks 50 are required per square meter .
See attached image for a sample. Then you will also need to know the size of your room, find the floor area and also the wall area.

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Arch Bricks Quantity
Circle Wall Bricks Quantity
Arch, Circle and Wall Volume
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