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Su Dr Myles Munroe

This app was developed in honour of a great man of God (Dr Myles Munroe) who lived to fulfil his purpose, and made a positive impact in the lives of millions of people all over the world through his teachings, publications and mentorship.
The app features links to some of Dr Myles Munroe's audio teachings on the internet, his quotes, e-books and videos on YouTube. The quotes have been grouped into 21 chapters, and each chapter contains 50 quotes; making a total of 1,050 quotes. The groupings and numberings makes it easy to reference any particular quote.
NOTE: Internet or WiFi connection is required for loading and playing the audio sermons, Youtube videos, and accessing some E-books.

Aggiornamento Dr Myles Munroe 1.3.8

- Added Sermon Albums
- Added more E-Books
- Added E-Book Reader to the E-Book section. Now when you exit the E-book section, the Reader saves the page where you stopped reading. This page is presented back to you when you return, so you can continue reading from where you stopped.
- Added step by step instructions on fixing audio playback problems in some mobile devices (i.e audio stopping halfway, and not auto advancing to the next track).
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