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When we are walkers and we have to go as fast as a location, you must take the bus because we get much faster than if we walk. Many people go by bus but few are those who know how to drive a bus. A bus driver was injured and you really need these days to find them a replacement because the bus must meaga and to perform his duty. We do not know who to ask the bus driver to be, so we thought of you, you are the best person to do this. In this game you have to drive a bus full of passengers, who are looking forward to get there.
1) First you have to make sure that all bus doors are closed and you can hit the road.
2) need to be very careful because the bus is full and do not want to crash someone.
3) this game is divided into 9 levels that will test your skills and experience driving buses.
4) to finish a level you have to reach the finish line without getting injured or the bus without causing damage.
5) for each level you are given a few minutes or seconds in which you can finish the level.
6) if you do not get the time or if you have not got to get to the finish line, you have to start from the beginning all levels.
This game is suitable for you because we know you're doing and you're driving like a prudent driver. Be careful not to capsizing bus because you will have to start from the beginning. Thanks you agreed to help us because we know that we can trust you every time.
Have fun !
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