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這10款好玩的MOBA手遊不要錯過! (Android)

更新於: 2021年10月04日 • 包含10個應用 • 推薦應用



這篇文章這10款好玩的MOBA手遊不要錯過! (Android)是關於MOBA手遊。10個和MOBA手遊相關的應用在以下列表中展示,包含無盡對決 (Mobile Legends: Bang Bang), 火線出擊 Online: 戰爭遊戲 射擊遊戲 網絡遊戲, 《英雄聯盟:激鬥峽谷》等等。文章更新時間為2021年10月04日。

When it comes to mobile MOBA’s, then Moonton’s 5 versus 5 battle arena will quench your thirst for exciting skirmishes! Despite its recent copyright scandal against Riot Games, these Chinese developers are not backing down. It’s one of the most successful mobile MOBA game in Southeast Asia and it’s currently holding active tournaments with massive prize pools.
Moonton’s adamance towards strategic and balanced gameplay resonates throughout the game. There’s no need to buy fancy items that boost your stats, it only takes skill and teamwork to dominate the arena. It’s play to win, not pay to win.
Similar to most MOBA Games, it’s set in a 5 versus 5 setting as players fight in a fixed arena filled with defense towers, jungles, minions and more. It’s the usual “defend or fight” that made the genre so successful. With a wide variety of heroes to choose from, experiment with its array of unique abilities that range from tanks, fighters, mages, and more. The first one to destroy Nexus, wins.
Master the lanes and team-up with your mates. With intuitive touch controls instead of the regular mouse clicking, hover around the battlefield with the use of your fingers and specialize in the art of maximizing cooldowns.
The game is continuously managed. Bringing new balance changes to the fray and new heroes that change the current meta. It’s the perfect opening on our list and it receives a PlayScore of 8.17


While Vainglory has enjoyed an almost royal reception with its polished, scaled-down version of the PC online battle arenas, it looks like they’ve been one upped on the Android platform. Released on the iOS just last 2014, Vainglory has been at the center of the mobile adaptations. With its three year run, it has managed to gather millions of fans, with hundreds of twitch streams solely dedicated to their gameplay and tournaments. Distilling the complicated genre into a fantastic mobile experience, the game comes complete with balanced heroes, tight controls, and gorgeous visuals.
But, not only is it a technical success, it’s also a visual treat. Take a step into their fantastical arenas, and meet their over 30 playable heroes. As small as it is, their map and their diverse lineup gives players thousands of possibilities, making each game unique and enjoyable. Farm the jungles with your lategame damage dealers, or control the lanes with powerful spellcasters and supports. Along with their mobile optimized team communication, strategizing is a breeze, putting it up to par with Dota and League of Legends.
It's a masterpiece on its own, showing the world how mobile games should be done. For MOBA veterans looking for a competitive pocket-friendly diversion, Vainglory is as good as it gets. It receives a PlayScore of 8.41.
緊張刺激的近距離戰鬥大逃殺! 在異域亂鬥OVERDOX成為最後的勝利者!