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10 Best Second Phone Number Apps for Android

更新於: 2020年06月11日 • 包含8個應用 • 推薦應用

Check out these Second Phone Number apps for your private texts and calls!

Whether you want to get a temporary number to receive calls and texts or call internationally with family and friends without paying long-distance charges, these second phone number apps can help you with that. With these apps, you don't need to purchase or carry a second device. You can simply use these apps to call, text, and manage your contacts privately and also avoid exposing your personal information to strangers!

這篇文章10 Best Second Phone Number Apps for Android是關於Second Phone Number Apps。8個和Second Phone Number Apps相關的應用在以下列表中展示,包含叮咚 – 英國美國電話號碼, SMS簡訊 + 國際網絡電話, Text Me: Second Phone Number, 2ndLine - US Phone Number等等。文章更新時間為2020年06月11日。

無需SIM卡的國際電話號碼, 可接收SMS簡訊與撥打網絡電話, 英國美國電話號碼, 省錢國際電話
TextMe is an easy to use messaging application that allows you to send unlimited text, voice, pics, video messages to any mobile phone number in United States, Canada, Mexico...
Add a second phone line to your smartphone.
免費通話和發短信(SMS文本+ MMS)在美國和加拿大的免費電話號碼
Unlimited calling & texting with a second phone number. Burner numbers to keep your personal number private.v Get a FREE U.S. Phone Number in any area code
Burner provides disposable phone numbers for your iPhone at the push of a button. Channel your inner James Bond, or simply keep things private when you need to.
Hushed App will allow you to receive a Secondary Phone Number for Private, Long-Distance Communication.