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Thisissand - Art, Creativity & Relaxation Thisissand - Art, Creativity & Relaxation
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Thisissand(包名開發者是Beige Elephant,Thisissand的最新版本2.3.49更新時間為2017年10月31日。Thisissand - Art, Creativity & Relaxation的分類是休閒。您可以查看Thisissand - Art, Creativity & Relaxation的開發者下的所有應用並找到Thisissand - Art, Creativity & Relaxation在安卓上的205個相似應用。目前這個應用免費。該應用可以從APKFab或Google Play下載到Android 4.0+。APKFab.com的所有APK/XAPK文檔都是原始文檔並且100%安全下載的資源。“這是一個創造性的癢心目中完美的抗應激的應用程序。”
Thisissand is a creative playground for making and sharing pictures out of sand:
• Get surprised by the random beauty of layered sand
• Relax and relieve stress and anxiety with falling sand therapy
• Sign up to share your pieces with others and become a part of the community
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• Free to download and free to play (offers an in-app purchase)
• Does not display ads
• Offers you to sign-up, but does not require you to
• Offers you to purchase a Toolkit of special features, but does not require you to
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Thisissand was created in 2008 as a website. It was a school project of a few art students, and to a surprise for the creators it attracted lots of visitors for years to come. In 2012 Thisissand was developed into an app and is still run by one of the original creators.
Thisissand offers different kinds of tools for choosing the sand color. Originally, only the essential Color Palette tool was available. For the app, we have developed a few special kinds of tools which are available as the Toolkit in-app purchase. Just like on the website, the special tools are not at all necessary to enjoy the app, but we're happy for your support if you're willing to try them out.
We're very thankful for all our users who have been able to support by purchasing, Thisissand would not exist without you!
COLOR PALETTE: Use Color Palette to choose specific colors from a vast swatch of colors. You may choose a solid color, or multiple colors to variate between. Use the intensity slider to adjust how fast the colors change. You may also use the randomize button to get surprising color combos.
COLOR SHIFTER: Color Shifter continuously changes the sand color subtly or dramatically depending on the intensity slider adjustment. Color Shifter often produces rainbow like hues. To set the initial Color Shifter color, choose a color with Color Palette and then select the Color Shifter tool.
COLOR PICKER: With Color Picker, you may pick the sand color from around you using your device camera. It takes a little practice to point your camera and draw at the same time, but in return you get truly unique colors. Try adjusting the color change intensity low in the beginning to keep things under control!
PHOTO SAND: Want to try making a sand version of one of your photos? Photo Sand picks the sand color directly from the photo you've chosen from your camera roll. Try it out and learn the tricks to make abstract and/or photorealistic representations!
MY COLORS: Save your favorite colors in My Colors and access them quickly by long pressing the color button on the sand canvas. Try saving colors from around with Color Picker!
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We highly value your feedback and questions. Ideas and feature requests for example are warmly welcome, even though with our scarce resources we're unfortunately not able to fulfil them very quickly. So please do send us email if you're having trouble with the app or if you have anything else to share with us, thank you! :)
[email protected]
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