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Tajik Keyboard Plugin(包名:klye.plugin.tg)開發者是Honso,Tajik Keyboard Plugin的最新版本1.0更新時間為2012年04月25日。Tajik Keyboard Plugin的分類是工具。您可以查看Tajik Keyboard Plugin的開發者下的所有應用並找到Tajik Keyboard Plugin在安卓上的14個相似應用。目前這個應用免費。該應用可以從APKFab或Google Play下載到Android 1.6+。APKFab.com的所有APK/XAPK文檔都是原始文檔並且100%安全下載的資源。
Tajik Dictionary plugin for Multiling O Keyboard autocorrect and word prediction
​⑴ Install this plugin and Multiling O Keyboard. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=kl.ime.oh
⑵ Run O Keyboard and follow its setup guide.
⑶ Slide space bar to switch languages.
If you have font issue, read this: http://honsoapps.appspot.com/1/ma.html
Tajik, Tajik Persian, or Tajiki,[3] (sometimes written Tadjik or Tadzhik; тоҷикӣ, تاجیکی‎, toçikī [tɔːdʒɪˈkiː]) a Southwestern Iranian language that is genetically closely related to such major languages as Persian and Dari. It is considered a variety of the Persian language.[4] In the beginning of the twentieth century, Tajik was considered by a number of writers and researchers to be a variety of Persian[5] (Halimov 1974: 30–31, Oafforov 1979: 33). The popularity of this conception of Tajik as a (less prestigious) variety of Persian was such that, during the period in which Tajik intellectuals were trying to establish Tajik as a language separate from Persian, Sadriddin Ayni, who was a prominent intellectual and educator, had to make a statement that Tajik was not a bastardized dialect of Persian. The issue of whether Tajik and Persian are to be considered two dialects of a single language or two discrete languages[6] has political sides to it (see Perry 1996).[4] Today Tajik is recognized as an autonomous West-Iranian language, independent from Persian and Dari, through genetically linked to them.[7]
Tajik is the official language of Tajikistan. In Afghanistan, where Tajiks make up a large part of the population, their speech is less influenced by Turkic languages and is called Dari. Tajik has diverged from Persian as spoken in Afghanistan and Iran due to political borders, geographical isolation, the standardization process, and the influence of Russian and neighboring Turkic languages. The standard language is based on the northwestern dialects of Tajik (region of old major city of Samarqand), which have been somewhat influenced by the neighboring Uzbek language as a result of geographical proximity. Tajik also retains numerous archaic elements in its vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar that have been lost elsewhere in the Persophone world, in part due to its relative isolation in the mountains of Central Asia.
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Tajik Keyboard Plugin
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