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Morse Mentor(包名:com.smokyink.morsecodementor)開發者是Smoky Ink,Morse Mentor的最新版本5更新時間為2021年04月24日。Morse Mentor的分類是教育。您可以查看Morse Mentor的開發者下的所有應用並找到Morse Mentor在安卓上的166個相似應用。目前這個應用免費。該應用可以從APKFab或Google Play下載到Android 4.0+。APKFab.com的所有APK/XAPK文檔都是原始文檔並且100%安全下載的資源。使用Koch方法學習和練習摩爾斯電碼的簡單方法
Morse Mentor provides an easy way to learn Morse Code using the Koch Method. Start by listening to 2 characters and enter what you hear. If you obtained a 90% overall accuracy then you can move on to 3 characters and repeat the process.
You immediately start learning at higher speeds so you don't hit a wall later when you're ready to advance, either as a CW operator or just a Morse code enthusiast. Flexible options allow you to learn the way you're comfortable with and at the speed that suits you.
A Practice mode allows you to practise with the 1000 most common English words, CW abbreviations and call signs or your own custom words so you can improve your skills.
With narration enabled, words can be spoken before and after they're transmitted. This allows you to learn words faster and use the app hands-free.
Lesson Mode
* Keeps track of your accuracy and provides a report per character at the end of a lesson
* Differences are highlighted in colour so you can easily see where your entered characters don't match those transmitted
* Farnsworth timing to slow down effective playing speed without slowing down character speeds (aligned to ARRL recommendations that preserves spacing ratios)
* Hear how new characters sound before a session starts so you can prepare for the lesson
* Play new characters more frequently or play all characters with equal probability
* Play difficult/hard characters that you struggle with more often so you can get more practice
* Choose the session duration, WPM, tone frequency and more
* Define your own custom lesson characters. Supported characters are displayed on the Help screen
* Includes 43 characters including letters, digits, punctuation and prosigns
* Use your device keyboard or the app's keyboard which contains all the characters covered in the lessons
* Use a dark theme for night-time and low-light situations (Android 10+; Pro Only)
* Free (ad-supported)
Practice Mode
* Practise with the 1000 most common English words
* Practise with amateur radio callsigns (randomly generated), CW abbreviations and Q-Codes
* Practise with your own custom words
* Practice is limited to 25 seconds in the free version - upgrade to Pro to practise for the full practice length
* Narrate a word using Text to Speech before or after transmitting it (Android 5+)
* Pronounce whole words for English & custom practice words
* Pronounce characters using the phonetic alphabet (ITU) or the English alphabet
Upgrade to Pro
Morse Mentor is free and ad-supported. Upgrade to Morse Mentor Pro to unlock all features, remove ads and support Morse Mentor development. Get the pro licence at
Feedback, Suggestions and Issues
For any feedback, suggestions or issues, please email Byron at [email protected]
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Morse Mentor 5 更新

• Practise callsigns, CW abbreviations & Q-Codes (used in amateur radio)
• (Unlocked): Use difficult characters in the free version
• Practise with the 1000 most common English words or your own words
• Improved UI styling & simplified navigation
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