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v6.4.9 Build 06.08.2021b by AgTerra Technologies, Inc.

MapItFast- Easy Mobile Mapping for GIS MapItFast- Easy Mobile Mapping for GIS
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MapItFast(包名:com.agterra.MapItFast)開發者是AgTerra Technologies, Inc.,MapItFast的最新版本6.4.9 Build 06.08.2021b更新時間為2021年06月15日。MapItFast- Easy Mobile Mapping for GIS的分類是地圖與導航。您可以查看MapItFast- Easy Mobile Mapping for GIS的開發者下的所有應用並找到MapItFast- Easy Mobile Mapping for GIS在安卓上的266個相似應用。目前這個應用免費。該應用可以從APKFab或Google Play下載到Android 7.0+。APKFab.com的所有APK/XAPK文檔都是原始文檔並且100%安全下載的資源。一鍵式通過GPS和繪圖繪製點,線,多邊形和地理照片。
MapItFast turns your phone or tablet into a powerful mapping and record-keeping device. Leverage your device GPS to generate accurate records of your location, even in the backcountry when cellular or wi-fi data services are not available. One-tap mapping makes it easy to record all your activity out in the field.
Create points, lines, polygons, and geophotos to represent anything of interest in the field. Mapping is wicked fast. Tap the map object icons to create objects using GPS. Long-press the icons to draw objects in by hand. Instantly view geophotos and display location information such as distance and area covered.
Arial, street, and topo basemaps come included to give you a clear reference for your mapping.
Pause and resume GPS tracking. Create multiple GPS lines or polygons at the same time. Drop points, take geophotos, and draw objects by hand without interrupting GPS tracking. Organize your mapping into projects to create your own custom atlas.
MapItFast Professional is a paid version of the app designed for enterprise use with virtually no training or GIS knowledge required.
The paid version of MapItFast synchronizes projects and users on Android and Apple devices into your private cloud-based account. This enables you to make data collection more efficient as you collaborate on an unlimited number of projects and use your own custom designed forms to link data with map objects.
Paid version features include:
• Cloud-based account and additional user accounts to facilitate collaborative mapping across devices and the web
• Web-based portal to view projects, users and shared contributions in real time
• Ability to load and distribute your own custom, basemaps and point icons
• Integrated electronic forms to add advanced detail to map objects directly from the app
• Automatically changing map symbols based on how a form is filled out
• Printable and emailable reports you customize with company logos, filled data, maps, photos and more
• GIS mapping tools such as object buffers, splits and donuts
• Searching, editing, sorting, copying, moving map objects among projects
• Importing shapefiles as editable map objects or as layer overlays
• Exporting to any GIS using formats including KMZ, Shapefile (SHP) and GPX
• Two-way, real-time synchronization between field devices and your online account
• User and group level project access and permissions
Additional plugins allow you to automate mapping even further by connecting AgTerra's datalogging products to your mobile device.
• SprayLogger is specially designed to collect every detail for pesticide applications and generate automatic detailed reports.
• FoggerLogger is calibrated to gather accurate application data for the ultra-low volume foggers used in mosquito control.
• SnapMapper generated points and lines in MapItFast with the flip of a switch from any machanical device.
Field workers and natural resource professionals are currently using MapItFast for activities such as:
• Vegetation management & pesticide application reporting
• Mosquito trap inspection and vector control recording and reporting
• Inspections/ field surveys
• Crop scouting
• Wildfire and disaster response and prevention
• Rangeland management
• Water management
• Utility work
• Forestry monitoring/ timber cruising
Simplify mapping and easily manage data while improving field workforce efficiency for the entire organization. See more details in the product video. Learn more about all our products at

MapItFast 6.4.9 Build 06.08.2021b 更新

Bluetooth GPS capabilities
Third party weather bug fix
Third party force sync bug fixes
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6.4.9 Build 06.08.2021b



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