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LeanDroid (ROOT) 🥇 Most advanced battery saver LeanDroid (ROOT) 🥇 Most advanced battery saver
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LeanDroid(包名:com.teqtic.leandata)開發者是TEQTIC,LeanDroid的最新版本4.1.3更新時間為2019年03月07日。LeanDroid (ROOT) 🥇 Most advanced battery saver的分類是生產應用。您可以查看LeanDroid (ROOT) 🥇 Most advanced battery saver的開發者下的所有應用並找到LeanDroid (ROOT) 🥇 Most advanced battery saver在安卓上的103個相似應用。目前這個應用免費。該應用可以從APKFab或Google Play下載到Android 4.1+。APKFab.com的所有APK/XAPK文檔都是原始文檔並且100%安全下載的資源。使用市場上最先進的節電器,最大限度地延長電池壽命。
Tired of your battery running low? LeanDroid automatically manages the power-hungry radios on your device while the screen is off to significantly lengthen battery life.
Brief overview
• Automatically disables Wi-Fi
• Automatically disables cellular data (req. root on 5.0+)
• Automatically disables cellular radios (req. root on 5.0+)
• Automatically disables Bluetooth
• Automatically disables network & GPS location (4.4+, req. root)
• Automatically switches cellular network types (5.0+, req. root)
• Periodically restores connections for sync
• Set time exceptions
• Set exceptions for certain apps running (req. root on 8.0+)
• Set exceptions by Wi-Fi name
• Set exceptions by Bluetooth device
• Set exceptions by data transfer rate
• Dual-SIM or multi-SIM support
• No ads
Install now and squeeze the most out of your device with the the no-frills battery saver that actually works!
Customer service is a top priority at TEQTIC. If you experience an issue, please use the "Contact support" menu option inside the app or email [email protected] before leaving a negative review! We usually reply to all emails within 48 hours, and often much quicker.
Detailed overview
Automatically disable connections
LeanDroid can automatically disable Wi-Fi, cellular data*, cellular radios*, Bluetooth, and location* (networks and GPS). It can also switch cellular network types* (ex. 4G to 2G). It will do this after the screen turns off to conserve battery power and lower data usage when you aren't using your phone.
Disable interval
Sets the amount of time to wait after the screen turns off before disabling connections (premium).
Restore connections
Connections are automatically restored when the screen is turned back on, or unlocked. You may also choose to restore connections periodically while the screen is off to allow for push notifications and background sync. Only connections that were automatically disabled by LeanDroid are re-enabled. Connections that were manually disabled are left untouched.
Sync interval
Sets how often to restore connections while the screen is off (premium).
Restore Data after waiting xx seconds for Wi-Fi to connect
Waits for WiFi to connect before re-enabling cellular data. This prevents data from re-connecting for just a couple of seconds.
Disable exceptions
Various options that prevent connections from being disabled. Options under the "All toggles" section will prevent all connections from being disabled. Options under "Specific toggles" will only prevent the respective connections from being disabled. If an exception is found, LD will check again after another disable time interval has passed.
Disable except if using these apps
No connections are disabled if one of the selected apps is found to be running in the foreground or has foreground services. There is a sub-option to also detect background services of apps.
Disable Wi-Fi/Data/Network type except if active
Data connections are not disabled if there is data transfer when it comes time to disable them. If the data transfer rate surpasses the chosen value, data connections will be kept enabled so that data-sensitive tasks are not interrupted. Most music apps don't continuously stream but instead download entire songs at once, and they might do this before LD checks data transfer. In these scenarios, you may also want to check the "except if using these apps" option.
Disable Wi-Fi except if requires browser login
WiFi is not disabled if it requires a browser login (common for public hotspots or guest networks), so that you do not have to re-enter the password.
Tasker intents
*Options are not available on all devices.

LeanDroid 4.1.3 更新

4.1.3 (2019.03.07)
-Toggle in separate thread again to prevent ANRs
-Minor bug fixes
4.1.2 (2019.02.20)
-Reverted back to not using setAlarmClock so Doze still happens
-Turn connections off quickly after sync during Doze
-Don’t check traffic if not set to toggle any data connections
-Fixed sync interval not being set properly until service restarted
-Fixed a NPE and a IOB exception
-Added free trial info to purchase options
-Reversed purchase options order
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