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Interactive Launcher(包名:com.vijay.interactivelauncher)開發者是icasfeo,Interactive Launcher的最新版本2.4.4更新時間為2021年05月08日。Interactive Launcher的分類是個人化。您可以查看Interactive Launcher的開發者下的所有應用並找到Interactive Launcher在安卓上的359個相似應用。目前這個應用免費。該應用可以從APKFab或Google Play下載到Android 9.0+。APKFab.com的所有APK/XAPK文檔都是原始文檔並且100%安全下載的資源。搜索,發現和啟動應用程序。最快的應用程序之一,聯繫人啟動器
Interactive Launcher is an android application, Which can help you to quickly find apps, contacts or files you want to open. To find things quickly or to open websites or online videos or channels from your phone, IC Assistant provides many unique features, which are available on your fingure tips. It can make your android experience much better.
A Voice Assistant
IC assistant understand your voice and it can be can be launched by touching IC Assistant icon.
IC Assistant Voice action - Open application name or Call contact name. You can use scanner as well to scan printed numbers for calling. You can also speak like call 21292392. Apart from that that there is much more like sending message or playing music. You can turn device on off like Turn Bluetooth, WiFi or Flashlight on or off. You can also increase or decrease volume, you can set in percentage.
Alarm - Set alarm for 6 am or wake me up at 7 am or set alarm for 5 am repeating on monday tuesday wednesday
Reminder - Remind me in 10 minutes for a meeting or set a reminder for 9 pm for a party
Note - Reminders will be saved in notes, so if you delete reminder note then reminder will also be cancelled.
Date and Time information - What is the date or what will be the date tomorrow or what is the time.
Weather information: What is the temprature or hows is the weather.
You can also open website links like open
Quick Search
Quick Search help you search things very quicky. Using Quick search you can find applications, contacts, files or skills. IC asssitant gives you 4 different icons for launching quick search for apps, contacts, files or skills. You can even swipe top to bottom on quick search list and where you leave swipe IC will open that item for you.
Custom Keyboard
IC Assistant does not use default keyboard rather provides it's own keyboard to boost quick search. It's keyboard has top and bottom navigation which helps users to quickly select item from list if using single hand.
If you still like old fashioned application launcher, so just swipe up on home screen to see launcher. Just long press to see the option to add to home. Swipe bottom to expand notifications.
Smart Notes
IC Assistant has its own IC Assistant Notes, So, you always be ready to note anything, anywhere, just swipe left to see IC Assistant Notes. You can add notes, create list and mark them as done or share with your friends or just ask IC Assistant to read them for you.
You can teach IC assistant to learn skills to perform actions and it is very simple. You can even add skills to home screen like you add contacts or applications.
Ex1: When i say Gogo then call xyz
IC will create new skill and you can speak Gogo to call xyx
Ex2: when i say play music then turn on bluetooth and increase volume to 90% and play dheeme dheeme song
when you speak play music, IC Assistant will turn on bluetooth and will increase volume to 90% and then it will play dheeme dheeme.
Visit for more details
Tagging Features
You can even tag contacts or apps for evening, morning or night to see them on home screen...
Custom Shortcuts
Smart Link Sharing
★Text and Bar code scanner
for more details please go to
For updating your name just say, Call me as {desired name}.

Interactive Launcher 2.4.4 更新

★ Interactive Launcher
🚀 UI Calibrations, Smoothness increased, become more eye catch now.
🚀 Time Tagged application or contacts are more friendly and accessible, more interactive so they never let you to forget your important stuff.
Quick Search is more predictable.
Bug fixes and performance improvement.
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