How to Download Rush Wars XAPK in US, Japan, Russia

Supercell officially released its new strategy game Rush Wars apk through a soft launch, but it is only available in New Zealand, Australia and Canada right now. For players who are in Indonesia, India, Germany and other countries where they cannot download Rush Wars apk, you can still play this game in different countries with a VPN and XAPK Manager.

Just follow the steps below to download Rush Wars .XAPK File on Android and play it without region limit:

1. Download XAPK Manager.

2. Download Rush Wars .XAPK File.

3. Download Astrill VPN:

4. Open XAPK Manager and install Rush Wars .XAPK File on Android, don’t open the game at this step.

5. Open VPN and connect to Australia or Canada or New Zealand server. How to apply a new Google account to play Rush Wars if my account wasn’t created in any of these three countries?

6. Launch Rush Wars and enjoy the game.

Minimum Requirements for Playing Rush Wars APK on Android:

Watch the tutorial video to download Rush Wars apk in all regions:

In Rush Wars, your goal is to build your dream squad to defeat enemies and earn gold. Also you need to defend your gold mine by building various defenses to stop enemies from destroying your gold mine. This time you can play with the new characters and you don't need to waste time on preparing your troops for battle or designing and changing defensive bases. So get started on building your butt kickin' squad to defeat your enemies now!

Build your own attack squad with new troops to defeat enemies' gold mines and earn more gold. Each time you can choose 6 units from different troops and spells to strengthen your team. The commanders will have special abilities to make use out of and take a prominent role in the battle. So use the commanders to lead your squad to win the battle.

Get Free Boxes in the game to unlock more troops and defenses to play with.

You also need to protect your gold mines by building various defenses from enemies' attacks.

Alongside attacking enemy bases solo, you will also be able to join teams and then take on other teams from around the world.

Rush Wars is considered as a combination of Clash of Clans and Boom Beach which are also classic hot games from Supercell by some players, but others think it is an upgrade of these games. The only way to find out whether it is better than Clash of Clans or Boom Beach is to download Rush Wars apk and play it yourself.

To apply a new Google account under Australia or Canada or New Zealand server, follow the steps below:

a. Go to Settings -> Applications -> All -> Google Play Store -> Tap Disable, and then clear cache.

b. Enable Google Play Store.

c. Go back to Settings -> Accounts -> Add account -> Google.

d. Tap Create account. Enter the name you are going to use for the new account (You don’t have to use the real name).

e. Tap Next. Enter the birthdate and select a gender (You’d better set your age older than 18 years old in order to reach the age requirement of most games and apps).

f. Tap Next. Create your username which hasn’t been taken by others. Then type your password.

g. Follow the on-screen instructions to add a phone number or skip for now, and agree the Google’s Privacy and Terms.

h. The new Google account is set up successfully.