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Plan your very own alien invasion and abduct humans as the iconic Killer Klowns, or assemble a team of survivors to confront the extraterrestrial threat in this game inspired by the classic 1980s movies. Welcome to the crazy multiplayer horror experience!

In "Killer Klowns from Outer Space: The Game," players can step into the oversized shoes of the infamous intergalactic jesters, using outlandish and otherworldly methods to capture unsuspecting townsfolk. With a variety of gadgets and gags straight out of the cult film, each abduction feels like a menacing performance under the dark circus tent of space.

Alternatively, take on the role of a valiant survivor, working with fellow teammates to outsmart the Klowns, and protect the human race from being turned into cotton candy cocoons. Collaborate, strategize, and fight back with every resource you can find; it’s a battle of wits and willpower against slapstick terror.

"Killer Klowns from Outer Space: The Game" delivers a heady mix of horror and humor, with every match offering a unique story of harrowing escapes and sinister captures. Embrace the madness in this thrilling multiplayer clash where only the most cunning will survive. Are you ready to face the music, whether it’s from a terror-inducing ice cream truck or the desperate cries of your fellow players? Step right up to this bizarre adventure, where nary a night goes by without mischief and lunar lunacy!

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