SliimFit: Workout for Women, Lose Weight, Fat Burn

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SliimFit: Workout for Women, Lose Weight, Fat Burn SliimFit: Workout for Women, Lose Weight, Fat Burn
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SLiimFit Female Fitness App - Workout At Home For Women, No Equipment!
Welcome to SLiimFit workout for women, the best lose weight app for women to burn fat and lose weight at home. There are simple and effective fat burning workouts, you can lose belly fat, lose and get toned butt, lose thigh and arm fat. Follow the training classes to lose weight and get in a better body shape.
SLiimFit Training Classes: lose fat and gain muscle
1. Full Body Workout
Female Workout Exercise App are body fat burning classes focusing on your full body. Including exercises affecting the whole body, buttocks and stomach workout that help increase muscle and reduce fat
+ Body Fat Burning Workouts for Beginner: overweight beginner workout for women. Exercises to burn fat quickly will help persons whose overweight for a long time get back in shape without excessive pressure
+ Sexy Bikini Body: exercise to burn fat quickly to build a hot-sexy body, be confident going to the beach
+ Hourglass Challenge: lose weight in 14 days, it burns excess fat extremely quickly. After hard training, you will see a dramatic change in your body
+ Full Body Fat Loss is the plans to lose weight in 30 days
2. Abs Workout
Focus primarily on the abdominal workouts, exercise to have toned abs and slim waist
+ Flat Belly Beginner: this is belly fat burning workouts, hard training to get tiny belly shape
+ 11 Line Abs: exercises to focus on the abs and lose fat belly, do this and get 11 line abs
+ Intense Core Challenge: lose upper belly fat, get toned abs quickly than ever, if you can't wait long for a result
+ Abs Fat Burning series to lose fat in 30 days
3. Butttocks Workout / Butt Workout
Booty workout to help you have perfect buttocks
+ Sweet Booty Beginner: training to get sweety booty shape
+ Toned Booty: get toned buttock, start do this plan now
+ Up-size Booty: do this plan and up-size your butt now
+ Glutes workout women series is 30 day buttocks challenge
4. Arms & Legs Workout
+ Lean Arms Challenge: lose fat on arms to get lean arms
+ Slimming Thigh: lose weight on thighs & get slimming thighs
+ Toned Arm: the exercises for strong arms. Helps you to reduce fat on the arms and makes your arms firmer, slimmer
+ Toned Leg: the exercises for strong legs, lose fat on legs. Helps you to reduce fat on the legs and makes your legs firmer, slimmer
5. Cardio and HIIT Workout
Quickly overweight workout
+ 10 Min Cardio: The short exercise to burn fat fast, light intensity exercises for new people
+ 30 Min Cardio: The exercises to burn fat fastly, high-intensity exercise for intermediate and advanced people
+ 15 Min Fat Burning HIIT: The high-intensity exercise that helps you burn body fat quickly, it helps you lose weight quickly.
6. Stretch & Relax
+ Warm-up routine before training and stretch cool down after training
+ Good Morning Yoga
+ Better Sleep Yoga
+ 5 Min De-stress in Office
+ 12-min Morning Workout
The special things in this app:
- Workout at home, Fitness Coach app - no equipment
- Process by days, by weeks
- Diversity level: beginner, intermediate, advanced
- Voice trainer instruction by fitness coach
- Automatically transfer to next exercises, no need to touch on the phone
- Cast the workout video to your TV
- Sync your data, do not worry about losing your data
- Tracking your workout process, burned calories, and weight
- Reminder workout for every day.
Warmup and workout today! With great features, the stomach fat burning workout app will make you satisfied. Please share this female fitness abs workout app with friends.
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