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Six Kalimas of Islam - Islamic App Six Kalimas of Islam - Islamic App
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Memorizing all six Kalmas by heart is a wish of every Muslim yet many find it hard to memorize all Kalmas. Six Kalmas of Islam will assist children in learning the Kalmas by taking them through single word recitation at a time.
Six Kalmas with Translation:
The Six Kalmas of Islam is a simple and beautiful android application which inculcates 6 Kalimas with audio, with not only Arabic and English texts but you can also listen to audio recitation and translations in this app.
The six Kalmas of Islam 2017 is an application in which people can recite the Kalimas with audio of Islam with perfect pronunciation and translation. The Application inculcates 6 Kalmas that are obligatory upon every Muslim to learn by heart. This application makes the process of learning six Kalmas of Islam by heart very easy and convenient. The App includes Six Kalimas with audio in Arabic, English and Urdu translation and transliteration with interactive interface.
Islamic app :
If you are suffering from stress, anxiety problems and bad thoughts keep coming up in your mind like i will get unconscious then this is the best Islamic app for you. But if you want to get rid of it forever this app is best for you to get rid of six Kalmas of Islam.
If you want to get closer to Allah and get rid of Islamic Kalma then this is the best Islamic app for you. Keep your trust and faith in Allah remember him and then Allah will guide you. You must realize that no anxiety, no stress, and no problems can even come close to you, without the Will and Permission of Allah.
Suppose our this Islamic app as a source for you to get closer to Allah and gets the blessings from Allah
Kalimas with audio :
Recite, learn and memorize 6 Kalimas (six Kalimas) of Islam with nice & beautiful audio. This Islamic app is a collection of 6 Kalimas with audio of English and Arabic transliteration. A great app for Muslims to read, learn and memorize (Kalimas with audio) the six Kalimas.
Mp3 Masnoon Duain
Learn to read Quranic & Islamic mp3 Masnoon Duain in English and Urdu audio.
It is a collection of mp3 Masnoon Duain. if we started listening these mp3 Masnoon Duain will have a beautiful and great impact on our lives. This app provides you way to stay connected with Islam for 24 hours of a day no doubt these mp3 Masnooon Duain is a blessing for all the Muslims.
Muslim apps :
This app is a best Muslim app available to all the Muslims. Muslim apps is a way to contact with Allah. Get Help from Allah and its blessing which will guide you in all aspects of your life.
Features of this app:
-Six Kalmas of Islam
-Six Kalmas of Islam audio
-Six Kalmas of Islam in English
-Islamic apps in urdu
-Islamic apps in Urdu
-Six Kalimas with audio
-Mp3 Masnoon duain
-Mp3 Masnoon duain in Urdu
-Mp3 Masnoon duain in English
-Muslim apps for Muslim Ummah
-Muslim apps in Tamil
-Muslim apps for Malayalam
-Muslim apps in Hindi
Download this incomparable App and learn 6 Kalima of Islam to extract the blessings in order to learn the real essence of Islam. Don’t forget to rate us so that we can improve our app for your best use.
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