Simple Magic Tricks: Learn Magic Videos

Simple Magic Tricks: Learn Magic Videos

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Simple Magic Tricks 1.2
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If you are card tricks, Illusion magic tricks, coin and money tricks, Street tricks, Fidget Spinner tricks, Bar Tricks, Lover then this App is for you. This cool magic trick learning site explains how to conjure up many excellent easy illusions, amazing coin tricks, group levitation secrets for card magicians.
With this app, you will learn magic tricks easily and quickly for free along with the best collection of Magic Videos with all kind of tricks and tips. You will Easily surprise your friends with fantastic tricks.
Fidget Spinner Tricks
Fidget Spinner Stunts - Learn to do the most difficult stunts with your favorite anti stress!
You will learn how to make the dizziest stunts in a short time!
Spinners are gaining popularity every day!
There is a lot of magic tricks with different categories.
-Best card tricks
-Best magic tricks
-Card tricks Videos
-Coin tricks Videos
-Easy magic tricks for kids
-How to do magic
-How to do magic tricks
-Illusion magic tricks
-Magic cards
-Magic for kids Videos
-Magic secrets
-Magic sets
-Magic store
-Magic tricks for kids
-Magic tricks revealed
-Magic tricks videos
-Magic tricks with cards
-Magic tricks with paper
-Magic video
-Professional magic tricks
-Simple magic tricks
-Sreet magic videos
Easy To Learn Street Magic Tricks Explained. Quickly Learn The Best Card Tricks And Coin Illusion Secrets Revealed Here
Main Screen;
-Beginners tricks
-Card Tricks
-Magic Lessons
-Magic For Kids
-Fidget Spinner Tricks
-Bar Tricks
-Money And Coins Tricks
-Street Tricks
-Optical Illusion Trick
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Learn All Basic magics With this App.
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