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This book originated in the year 1920 as a one hundred and twenty one
verse poem written in the Arabic language, in praise of Allah (God),
Glorified is He, and in commemoration of His Holy Prophet Muhammad
(SAWS), named "Spirit of Good Morals". It was written by Shaykh of
Islam Al-Hajj Ibrahim ibn Al-Hajj Abdullah Niasse, as advice to the
"People of Tariqa", the Tijaniyya Brotherhood in particular, and to
humanity at large.
Since that time it has been translated into English by his grandson
Shaykh Hassan ‘Aliyyu Cisse, the Chief Imam of Shaykh Ibrahim
Niasse Mosque (pictured on the front). Most recently, Shaykh Hassan
Cisse has added verses from Al-Quran, narrations of the Prophet
(SAWS), and his own commentary which relate to the poetic verses of
the advice. May Allah accept.
"Sufism is a spiritual clinic with doctors who have knowledge of
attending to ailments of the soul. For a sick patient who requires cure
and doses of medicine from the clinic, there is the need for him to
make declaration of his sickness and acceptance of patient hood.
In taking Tariqa, one should be aware that Tariqa is a commitment and
the beginning of an endless journey. Shaykh Ibrahim here advises that
for one to profit in this journey, he should at all times seek
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