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Powershell Tutorial Powershell Tutorial
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Powershell is a scripting language which is useful to automate the tasks in Windows and other environments. It is built on top of .net framework. The applications of Powershell scripts in IT field are seamless.
This app is intended to help the aspirants who want to learn from basics. This app is useful for both beginners and advanced learners.
This tutorial is mainly divided into Two sections:-
a. Powershell Theory :
This light-weight section is designed keenly to help understand the basic concepts of Powershell. It starts with introduction and takes you till the implementation of Powershell in Active Directory and WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation). It is recommended to understand the basic rules before beginning with PS scripting.
b. Powershell Examples:
The 'Examples' tab comprised of basic sample scripts. It contains more than 60 examples. Users can practice PS scripting by trying these examples in Powershell ISE. The examples present in the app are tested ones.
Powershell Tutorial Features:-
All Powershell learning guides in this app comes with PS example code & command.
Easy to Learn(Code Samples)
External Reference Links and Our Git.
Most importantly all the Content is available offline
Prerequisites for this Powershell Tutorial:-
Basic Knowledge about any OS and Programming Language.
By this app we aim to make learning Powershell as easy as possible since this tutorials brings to you a complete guide for Powershell containing all from all the topics suitable for both beginners and advanced developers . For all the Developers who are new to Powershell it is recommended to refer the "Theory" tab since it will help you to grasp the intricacies of Powershell.
In short this a complete Powershell tutorial app comprising of all the modules ranging from Powershell beginners to Powershell advanced concepts along with source code and examples. This Powershell tutorial can be better called as a beginners guide for Powershell :)

PowerShell Tutorial 4 アップデート

> Added YouTube Videos
> UI Change
> Added Topics
> Bug Fix
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