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This app was developed to aid piping engineers, designers and students. It come with the following modules:
✔ Database Search - used to search for pipe properties and dimensions (ASME B36.10); pipe fittings, like elbows, tees and crosses, up to 36" (ASME B36.9); and flanges, which include blind, slip on, threaded, welded neck, socket welding and lapped (ASME B16.5).
✔ Pipe Thickness - used to find the pipe thickness needed to withstand the inner pressure (based on ASME B31.1 and ASME B31.4).
✔ Pipe Diameter - used to calculate the pipe diameter needed to carry the fluid with the designed flow, this module uses the pressure loss equations to find the diameter.
✔ Project Management - a module that store all the results from calculations generated by the modules. It can also generate a pdf file report of your projects.
✔ Unit Converter module are also being developed.
✔ Calculator with built-in piping equations and database.
✔ 45° Pipe Cross - used to calculate the linear distance between pipes when one cross another using a 45° Elbow.
✔ Support Spacing - module that calculate the maximum span between the piping supports.
✔ Pump Power - calculate the power needed by the pump and the shaft power delivered by it.
✔ Stress Analysis - this module comes in three sub-modules: stress analysis in "L" pipeline system, in "U" pipeline system and "Z" pipeline system. Maybe there'll be a forth one, as I'm developing a module that will use the finite element method (FEM) to calculate the stresses.
✔ Pressure Vessel - this module have two sub-modules: pressure vessel head (calculate the following types of head: ellipsoidal, hemispherical, torispherical, conical and toriconical) and pressure vessel shell (calculate the following types of shell: cylindrical and spherical), both calculated using ASME Section VIII Division I.
✔ Bolt Torque calculation for flanged connections, based in the ASME PCC-1 standard code.
This app uses both SI (International Unit System) and US (United States Unit Systm, or Imperial Unit System).

Pipeflex - Piping Engineering 2.0.2 アップデート

Version 2.0.2:
- Fixed minor bugs.
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