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This is a huge collection of the best pick up lines. Over 1000 cheesy pick up lines for girls and for guys. Break the ice with these funny pick up lines, good ways to start a conversation in a bar or a club. you may think these are corney or stupid, but somehow, they actually work! Some are cute and nerdy, while others are dirty and even rude. There is no better way to meet someone then to make them laugh, even if you think these are bad, most girls and guys will think they are sweet and hilarious.

You will find all types of corney pick up lines, romantic, lame, creepy, bad, stupid and clever. These great pickup lines will help you learn how to talk to boys and girls, using inappropriate and awesome one liners to help get your new relationship under way! You will be surprised how being horrible and mean can actually make you look smooth! IF you find a pick up line you like, you can save it to your favorites folder to use later or share it with your friends. Stop getting turned down, download this app now and get the corniest, cheesiest, funniest pickup lines all in one easy to use app in your pocket!

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