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Piccut - Background Changer & CutOut Paste Editor Piccut - Background Changer & CutOut Paste Editor
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TECH-PST.COMからリリースされた『Piccut』は写真アプリだ。apkfab.com/jpから『Piccut』のファイルサイズ(APKサイズ):27.03 MB、スクリーンショット、詳細情報などを確認できる。apkfab.com/jpではTECH-PST.COMより配信したアプリを簡単に検索して見つけることができる。『Piccut』に似ているアプリや類似アプリは13個を見つける。現在、本作のダウンロードも基本プレイも無料だ。『Piccut』のAndroid要件はAndroid 4.1+なので、ご注意ください。APKFabあるいはGooglePlayから『Piccut - Background Changer & CutOut Paste Editor apk』の最新バージョンを高速、安全にダウンロードできる。APKFab.com/jpでは全てのAPK/XAPKファイルがオリジナルなものなので、高速、安全にダウンロードできる。写真の背景チェンジャーと自動写真カットアウトペーストエディター。
Piccut is a background editor and transparent background maker is used to erase and change automatically a background of a photo, and cut and paste images and combine them together to make your photos more beautiful and amazing by using some of the tools available on it.
These tools cut backgrounds and change them to other backgrounds available within the application, or even switch them to transparent, white or any other color you prefer.
1- Background Eraser Tool:
You can select any image from gallery and start removing unwanted areas manually from image completely just by erasing it and replace those deleted places later using background editor.
The Eraser Tool supports enlarging the image and resizing the brush with the Move and Fix tool to restore the areas that were removed by a mistake.
It also supports blurring edges to make photo more consistent especially when blending it with background.
2- Photo background editor
You can combine your photos together with a maximum of 5 photos with ready-made HD backgrounds that you download from the market or a specific photo from the gallery.
Background editor saves these photos with high resolution up to 1080p.
3- Tool to remove unwanted objects from the image
Using this tool, it will be easy to remove any unwanted object, regardless of whether it is a person, writing, sticker, watermark or logo, so once you erase it, you will see the image without it.
4- Auto Cut tool
An easy-to-use tool uses AI to extract accurately background from foreground, you only select the foreground, and the tool automatically cuts and remove background from the image professionally and with high accuracy.
5- Magic tool
You only need to select the objects that you want to add or delete by drawing a line on them and the tool will add or delete it.
6- Wallpaper store
There are over a million images and wallpapers ready for download with high resolution and editing quality, you can combine them with your cut photos.
7- Cropper Tool:
When finish with cutting you can crop your cut picture as much as possible with different resolution.
Additional features:
- You can see all your works and wallpapers downloaded separately on the app.
- After done, you can share your photos with your friends easily.
For any further questions, please feel free to contact us via email [email protected]

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