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This app is collection of PHP programs with concept . it is help full for computer science engineering students ,software professionals,Web Developer,PHP Developer * Web Technologies Experts for exams & interview purpose. it is handy e-notes which cover to entire topics of PHP programming. It covers topic given below
Introduction to PHP :
Evaluation of Php,Basic Syntax,Defining variable and constant,Php Data type,Operator and Expression
Handling Html Form With Php :
Capturing Form Data,Dealing with Multi-value filed,Generating File uploaded form,Redirecting a form after submission
Decisions and loop :
Making Decisions,Doing Repetitive task with looping
What is a function,Define a function,Call by value and Call by reference,Recursive function
String :
Creating and accessing String,Searching & Replacing String,Formatting String,String Related Library function
Anatomy of an Array,Creating index based and Associative array,Accessing array Element,Looping with Index based array,Looping with associative array using each() and foreach(),Some useful Library function
Working with file and Directories :
Understanding file& directory,Opening and closing a file,Coping ,renaming and deleting a file,Working with directories,Building a text or File Uploading & Downloading
State management :
Using Hidden field,Using cookies,Using session
String matching with regular expression :
What is regular expression,Pattern matching in Php,Replacing text,Splitting a string with a Regular Expression
Generating Images with PHP :
Creating Image,Manipulating Image,Using text in Image
Database Connectivity with MySql :
Introduction to RDBMS,Connection with MySql Database,Performing basic database operation(DML) (Insert, Delete, Update, Select),Setting query parameter,Executing query Join (Cross joins, Inner joins, Outer Joins, Self joins.)
Introduction to OOPS :
Objects,Declaring a class & new Keyword,Constructor & Destructor,Access method and properties using $this variable,Public ,private, protected properties and methods,Static properties and method Class constant
Exception Handling :
Understanding Exception and error,Try, catch, throw
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PHP Programming
PHP Programming 1.0.4 APK
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PHP Programming
PHP Programming 1.0.2 APK
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PHP Programming
PHP Programming 1.0.5 APK
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PHP Programming
PHP Programming 1.0.7 APK
2019-02-11 3.5 MB

Requires Android: Android 4.0.3+


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