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Breakout JLPT Test N5, N4, N3, N2, N1 in 30 days with the professional roadmap
Migii is a JLPT exam preparation application for Japanese learners. Migii has more than 44,000 users in 16 countries. Migii - JLPT exam preparation is helping many people achieve their JLPT certification dreams.
Migii uses today's leading method - HERMANN EBBINGHAUS FORGETTING CURVE and special Fast Brain memory training technique. With interactive training, users can remember up to 90% of information.
Special points only in Migii JLPT exam preparation:
- Applying intelligent technology indicates the type of exercises that are weak and auto-suggests practicing
- Exam preparation anytime and anywhere without a lot of books
- Get your own exam preparation roadmap
Migii is great JLPT exam preparation app for JLPT (日本語能力試験/ nihongo noryoku shiken)
- Nihongo noryoku shiken N5
- Nihongo noryoku shiken N4
- Nihongo noryoku shiken N3
- Nihongo noryoku shiken N2
- Nihongo noryoku shiken N1
You can easily practice JLPT N5 - N1 and JLPT exam preparation in Migii:
- JLPT N5 - N1 vocabulary practice
- JLPT N5, N3, N2, N1 grammar practice
- JLPT N5 - N1 Kanji practice test
- JLPT reading practice N5 - N1
- JLPT listening practice N5 - N1
- JLPT N5 - N1 mock test
- JLPT test online free
Professional exercises and exam System:
- Summary of common types of exercises in all JLPT test
- Update the latest exam questions
- 20.000 JLPT Exercises from N5 - N2, with answer and explanation
- 40 JLPT tests from N5 - N2, with answer and explanation
Exam preparation for JLPT is not boring and not lazy:
- Daily learning reminders
- Attractive interface, stimulating learning motivation
- Experience of personal exam preparation with each user
Discover Migii Premium
- No ads: Using the app without ads
- Unlimited exercises and tests
- Offline mode: Learn Japanese and JLPT exam preparation anytime and anywhere
With Migii, you will easily get JLPT certificate. Download app and experience it now!
We love receiving your feedback, they help us improve Migii.
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Migii JLPT 3.0 アップデート

Thank you for using Migii! We have fixed the bugs and improved the application to make it even better.
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