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KareemTKBからリリースされた『Maher Full Quran No Internet』は音楽&オーディオアプリだ。から『Maher Full Quran No Internet』のファイルサイズ(APKサイズ):84.7 MB、関連ムービー、pv、スクリーンショット、詳細情報などを確認できる。ではKareemTKBより配信したアプリを簡単に検索して見つけることができる。『Maher Full Quran No Internet』に似ているアプリや類似アプリは64個を見つける。プレイリストを検索するというのタッグは『Maher Full Quran No Internet』を含む。現在、本作のダウンロードも基本プレイも無料だ。『Maher Full Quran No Internet』のAndroid要件はAndroid 4.1+なので、ご注意ください。APKFabあるいはGooglePlayから『Maher Full Quran No Internet apk』の最新バージョンを高速、安全にダウンロードできる。では全てのAPK/XAPKファイルがオリジナルなものなので、高速、安全にダウンロードできる。フル聖クルアーンオフライン暗唱シェイクマヘルアルMuaiqly。マヘルアルMueaqlyのmp3
This is a Free Application to bring you the complete Holy Quran Karim Arabic sound by Maher Al Mueaqly Offline. This App about Sheikh Maher Al Mueaqly doesn't need internet connection to work. Just download the app and you can listen to any Surah of your choice anytime without internet connection. الشيخ ماهر بن حمد المعيقلي
About the reciter ماهر المعيقلي:
Sheikh Maher Al Mueaqly (Arabic: الشيخ ماهر بن حمد المعيقلي), (born in 1967) is the imam of the Grand mosque in the Islamic holy city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia. His full name is Sheikh Maher Bin Hamad Al-Mueaqly. Sheikh Maher’s mom and dad moved to Madinah of Nabi (SAW) and he was born there as well. He memorized the whole quran in Madinah and he was taught in the class of many scholars who are respected worldwide in Madinah.
ماهر المعيقلي began his Sheikh career in the North of The Kingdom Of Saudia. He was taught extensively in mathematics until he began teaching it as well. At this point he stopped preaching and started working as a math teacher. He went back to Makkah to become a scholar and taught in the school of balaat. In Makkah he became a renowned speaker and began preaching once again. After becoming loved by the people he was chosen to become an advisor to Prince Abdul-Majid in Makkah. The sheikh is married and has four children: two boys and two girls. He began to teach Quran in Makkah before he began teaching at King Abdullah Saood University. He was promised before ramadan that he would lead taraweeh prayers in Madinah for the year 1426 and 1427, so he did. After that he was moved to Makkah and began to lead taraweeh from the first day of 1428 Ramadan in Masjid Al- Haram with Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais.
He has also led prayers in grand mosque in Madinah known as Masjid an-Nabawi. He has led taraweeh prayers in the yrs h1428 (2007), h1429 (2008) and h1430 (2009). He regularly leads Fajr and Maghrib prayers in Masjid Al-Haram.
With this App you can:
Listen to Holy Quran recitation in background
Use other apps while enjoying the recitation
Share the app with family and/or friends
Shuffle surahs
Listen to a certain surah repeatedly.
This Quran is a complete version of the Holy Quran Karim without internet connection. All Surahs work perfectly offline. All of them offline and the app size is only 80mb.
Apart from sheikh maher al muaiqly mp3 Quran offline, if you need other complete Holy Quran kareem mp3 that work offline please refer to other apps in my catalog. You can find the following:
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Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.
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