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Magical Elf Dress up Magical Elf Dress up
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Create your elf OC: What kind of ears does she have? What is her skin color? Does she wear pants, a skirt, or both? Does she cast spells? Does she have a sword like Zelda, or is she an archer like Tauriel?
This game is perfect for everyone who enjoys cosplay, costume design, character design, Celtic fashion, the fantasy genre, doll makers, dress up games.
Browse through menus and customize every aspect of the character. Scroll on each menu to access the full range of options and color palettes.
List of features:
Body, Face: skin tone, ear shape, nose, freckles, lips, eyes (shape and color), eyebrows
Hairstyle: hair color, and 3 layers (bangs, hair over shoulders, hair behind shoulders)
Undergarments, Markings: body markings for face, shoulders, wrists, belly and legs
Shoes, Tights
Skirt (scroll all the way to find also three skirt accessories)
Top: shape over the torso, neckline, and separate sleeves
Corset, Shirt: more items to layer on the upper body
Belt: these can be stacked. First click on the palettes to affect the belts in the menu, then choose a belt.
Wrists, Accessories: four wrist items, a pair of gloves, arrows to carry, a pouch to add on a belt, and a tiny glowing fairy.
Coat, Cape: note that hoods will hide the hair.
Jewelry: tiaras, flowers/leaves, earrings which adjust to the ear shape, and necklaces
Magic, Weapon: decorative spells; weapons include dagger, sword, scepter and bow/arrow
Background: choose from 5 detailed backgrounds or 4 simple colors; and filters (includes black and white)
View your doll!
Save and reset.
Note: the dots under the Next/Previous arrows are shortcuts. Jump to page 1 (body, face) or page 15 (view your doll).
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First release of Magical Elf
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Android 4.0+