Life Changing Bible Prayers

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Life Changing Bible Prayers Life Changing Bible Prayers
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This is app of true prayers from bible.
There are over 224+ prayers in the app. These are grouped in eight parts. A page at the beginning of each part tells briefly what is found in that part. The prayers appear in the order that events occurred in history.
Salient Features of Bible Prayers app.
★ Presents a huge collection of over 224+ Bible Prayers.
★ Smart Prayers Search Function.
★ Share: Share stories with your friends and family members via WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Viber, Twitter and many other social sites.
★ Professionally designed, user-friendly and intuitive interface.
★ 100% free application
★ Simple app. No internet connection needed!
Bible Prayers app includes the following Bible Prayers:
1 Prayer For Wisdom
2 Prayer For Purpose
3 Prayer For Blessings
4 Prayer For Health
5 Prayer For Forgiveness
6 Prayer For Daily Bread
7 Prayer For God's Favour
8 Prayer For Children
9 Prayer For Business
10 Prayer For Spouse
11 Prayer For Peace
12 Prayer For Deliverance
13 Prayer For God's Answer
14 Prayer For Protection
15 Prayer For God's Grace
16 Prayer For Work/Career
17 Prayer For Family/ Friends/ Loved Ones
18 Prayer For Mercy
19 Prayer For Faith
20 Prayer For Restoration
21 Prayer For Help
22 Prayer For Goodwill
23 Devotional Prayer For Righteousness
24 Prayer For Consolation
25 Prayer For The Fruits Of The Holy Spirit
26 Prayer For Love
27 Prayer For Prosperity
28 Prayer For Wife
29 Prayer For Husband
30 Prayer For Their Parents
31 Prayer To Praise And Worship God
32 Prayer To Overcome Addiction
33 Prayer To Overcome Grudge
34 Prayer To Overcome Pride
35 Prayer To Overcome Procrastination
36 Prayer Of Thanks
37 Prayer For Patience
38 Prayer For Spiritual Guidance
39 Prayer For Raising Children
40 Prayer For Justice
41 Prayer For Salvation
42 Prayer For Truth
43 Prayer For First Day In A New Job
44 Prayer For Seeking God's Understanding
45 Prayer For Leadership
46 Prayer When Depressed
47 Prayer For Confidence
48 Prayer For Discipleship
49 Prayer Against Temptation
50 Prayer For God's Miracle
51 Prayer To Save Marriage
52 Prayer For Seeking Employment
53 Prayer For The Return Of A Lost Loved One
54 Prayer Against Terminal Illness
55 Prayer For Grandparents
56 Prayer For Financial Stability And Discipline
57 Prayer For Shelter
58 Prayer For Reconciliation
59 Prayer For Reunion With God
60 Prayer Against Mental Instability And Demons
61 Prayer Against Cultism
62 Prayer For The Future
63 Prayer Against Worries And Anxiety
64 Prayer Before Medical Procedure/Treatment
65 Prayer For Deliverance From Poverty
66 Prayer To Conceive
67 Prayer For A Departed Loved One
68 Prayer For A Friend's Problem
69 Prayer For A Broken Heart
70 Prayer For Exam
71 Prayer To Overcome Guilt
72 Prayer For Confession
73 Prayer For The Needy
74 Prayer Before A Meal
75 Prayer For Against Indecent Clothing
76 Prayer For Wedding Anniversary
77 Prayer For Birthday
78 Prayer Against Family Sins And Curses
79 Prayer For Journey Mercies
80 Prayer For The Holy Spirit
81 Prayer For Debt Relief
82 Prayer For Good Company And Peers
83 Prayer Against Fear
84 Prayer For Financial Support
85 Prayer Against Disturbing Nightmares
86 Prayer For Commitment
87 Prayer When Moving To A New Home
88 Prayer When Continuing Education Or Entering College
89 Prayer To Serve In Church Or Community
90 Prayer For Salary Increment
91 Prayer For God's Goodness And Mercies
92 Prayer For Preparing A Wedding
93 Prayer For Productivity At Workplace
94 Prayer For Talent
95 Prayer For A Newly-Born Baby
96 Prayer For Joy And Happiness
97 Prayer Against Gluttony
98 Prayer Before Purchasing A New Property
99 Prayer Before Entering A New Business
100 Prayer Before Job Interview
101 More... Check App (Please Click Install Button)
Disclaimer :
1. This app is a self-contained offline app with pictures and text from public domain.
2. Contains no videos, video links or any video streaming from other sources.
Provided By: PANDR Studios
Thanks For Coming Into My App.
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