Islamic Coloring Book

Islamic Coloring Book

1.0.302 by Ali.Raza

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Islamic Coloring Book 1.0.302
「Islamic Coloring Book」とはAli.Razaが開発したアプリです。2013年08月02日にIslamic Coloring Bookの最新バージョンは「1.0.302」にアップデートされました。Islamic Coloring Bookはエンタメのアプリです。ここでIslamic Coloring BookAli.Razaは開発したアプリを見ることができます。今、このアプリは無料です。このアプリのAndroid要件はAndroid 2.2+なので、ご注意ください。Islamic Coloring BookはAPKFab、またはGooglePlayで入手できます。APKFab.comでは全てのAPK/XAPKファイルはオリジナルなものなので、高速、安全にダウンロードすることができます。
Color, decorate and learn about the world’s most famous mosques and more exciting Islamic categories all in one go on all major platforms from iOS to Android and BlackBerry!
Download this IQ enhancing wonderful Islamic app that allows you to explore your artistic potentiality.
Take a look at what our users have created so far @
Islamic Coloring Book is the first of its kind Muslim World's only Islamic Digital coloring book that combines intuitive features adaptable for every kind of user, be it a child or grown-up! With focus on Islamic history, culture and art, the user is bound to learn while being entertained simultaneously.
In addition to numerous sketches of architecturally appealing Mosques, unique calligraphy of Arabic alphabets , and more exciting categories (find out by downloading the app!) ICB also provides a description at hand of every item on the board…!
Who doesn't want to be part of this amazing revolution? Unleash your inner artist, learn about Islam and be informed!
A detailed overview of Features are:
== Gallery View
- Over 250 sketches.
- Over 3 Exciting Categories. (Tap on the selected category to a select a new one)
- Search, sort, and filter sketches based on a given category.
== Coloring View
- Brush, Fill Bucket, Eraser, Line, Square, Circle and many more tools to make your work more creative and enjoyable. (Double Tap on Brush tool to reveal more drawing tools)
- From Brush Size to Stroke Size, we got you covered.
- Advanced color picker will allow you to select just the right color and opacity will enable you to polish your artwork.
- Pan and Zoom makes it easy to color smaller areas.
- Multiple UNDOs to make sure you can always revert changes you have made.
- Share your artwork on Facebook, Twitter, Save to Gallery, Send Email or take print to set a wallpaper or show them to your friends and family.
== Info View
- An article that will teach you about the sketch at hand.
* This application has been designed for High-end Devices.
=== Why Islamic Coloring Book
ICB is the realization of a dream that we saw, a dream that aimed to promote Islam through electronic media, we found that there was a huge gap between what was already in the app store and what could be there, and hence, we decided to fill in the missing gap by developing ICB.
Islamic Coloring book is 100% Ad free app with 50+ complete free sketches along with exclusive access to over 200+ sketches. If you like this app, consider buying the exclusive contents to support the continuous development of this product.
If you have any queries or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at:
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Islamic Coloring Book 1.0.302 アップデート
-1 New Mosques Sketch for our loyal users
- Added right to left layout for required categories e.g. Arabic
- Layout and sorting selection are now persistent between sessions
- Unhandled Error Reporting
- Visual changes and bug fixes

- Major performance Update ( If you are still unable to enjoy the app due to performance issues, try our iOS app which is ultra fast thanks to AOT compiler)
- New vertical list along with name and details of the sketch

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Android 2.2+