Islamic Baby Names Meanings

Islamic Baby Names Meanings


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Islamic Baby Names Meanings 2.1
「Islamic Baby Names Meanings」とはsuperappsforallが開発したアプリです。2015年08月25日にIslamic Baby Names Meaningsの最新バージョンは「2.1」にアップデートされました。Islamic Baby Names Meaningsは書籍&参考書のアプリです。ここでIslamic Baby Names Meaningssuperappsforallは開発したアプリを見ることができます。今、このアプリは無料です。このアプリのAndroid要件はAndroid 2.3.2+なので、ご注意ください。Islamic Baby Names MeaningsはAPKFab、またはGooglePlayで入手できます。APKFab.comでは全てのAPK/XAPKファイルはオリジナルなものなので、高速、安全にダウンロードすることができます。
Every mother and father wants to give their child a beautiful name, but they do not always realize that this issue is not simple. The selection of Islamic baby names also has its own rules.
Islamic names are the names that have been mentioned in the Qur’an or tied to the life of the Prophet Muhammad. For example, the names of the companions of the Prophet are considered Islamic. Many of the Islamic names are Arabic names appeared in the pre-Islamic era, but became Islamic just because of the participation of people wearing these names in the events on the emergence and establishment of Islam or by reference in the Qur'an.
When selecting the Islamic baby name, the great importance is given to the meaning of the name.
Parents try to give their children rare and unusual names that will make the child happy, to protect it from life's setbacks.
The application Islamic Baby Names Meanings helps parents choose the name for their child among the many options of Islamic boys names and Islamic girls names.
When selecting Islamic boys name the attention should be drawn to the names of the angels, the Prophets and Messengers. Also the names of the righteous, imams, caliphs, sheiks, companions are very popular in selecting of Islamic boys names. It is believed that their grace impacts on a child's life.
Islamic girls names have the beautiful, poetic value and describe the qualities of anoint. When selecting one of the Islamic girls names the parents should pay attention to qualities, which attributed to girls with a particular name and its meaning.
For more convenient use of the Islamic Baby Names Meanings application, the developers included the following functions:
1. Display the entire list of names.
2. Select a category.
3. Display the selected name and interpretation.
4. The ability to send the selected name to the friend using SMS or social networks.
5. The ability to add a name to the list of favorites.
6. Display the list of the selected names.
Thus, you can not only add your favorite names in the list of favorites, but also to share them with your family or friends.
The application Islamic Baby Names Meanings for the convenience of users is divided into categories, combining gender of the baby and the first letter of the name. Thus, you can quickly find all the names of boys or girls which begin with a particular letter.
Our application is very simple to use. It is designed specifically to facilitate the parents such a difficult and responsible work, as selecting Islamic baby name.
Islamic Baby Names Meanings 2.1 アップデート
Fixed some issues.
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Android 2.3.2+