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GirlsAskGuys 3.6.5
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We are a community of girls and guys offering different perspectives on the topics that matter to you.
In this community, you can ask questions and create polls to get opinions from thousands of helpful girls and guys instantly!
Join our community who share their experiences to help each other see the world through the opposite gender's point of view.
You can also take relationship advice from the opposite gender such as how to send flirting text messages to her or how to send flirting text messages to him and the community gives you the most influential ideas about these.
Come to GAG to ask questions about any subject, and read tailored and high-quality answers that are personalized.
Here are some of the shining topics on GAG:
👧Girl’s Behavior
👦Guy’s Behavior
👒Fashion & Beauty
🏥Health & Fitness
🛍️Shopping & Gifts
📱Technology & Internet
By downloading the GirlsAskGuys mobile app you can;
Create a private profile. 🤳
Start a conversation with someone by sending a message or sharing an opinion privately. ✉️
Stay anonymous when asking a question or sharing your opinions on a sensitive subject. 🚫
Follow other members to create meaningful connections. 🔗
Follow the live feed and keep yourself up to date 🧳
Besides, you can increase your Xper level by giving helpful opinions. If your opinion is selected as the most helpful opinion (MHO), you can get additional Xper points. 😎 (To learn more about “Xper point” please download the app.)
Every day around the world, GAG community members are asking and answering thousands of questions. It’s entertaining, instructional, and you'll be surprised how much you learn from other people and even yourself.
GirlsAskGuys 3.6.5 アップデート
Some bugs fixed.
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