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Fine Ski Jumping is a minimalistic, physics based and fun ski jumping game.
More info on fb:
Short Instance:
1. Tap the circle once to start.
2. Touch and hold the circle to jump.
3. Quickly move the wheel up and release it just before landing.
-- Game is still in development phase - You can support us by watching in game ads! Ads enables further development of the game. Thanks!
- The game is still being developed, it may have some bugs. They will all be corrected.
You can choose your favourite ski jumper like Kamil S., Dawid K., Ryoyu K. Karl G. Stefan K. and so on. You can play all of them or just watch how they are jumping!
You can edit each ski jumpers name and nationality then choose which one you want to jump.
This game contains 31 ski jump hills! For example:
1. Oslo ( HS 134 m)
2. Planica (HS240m)
3. Innsbruck (HS 130)
4. Rasnov, (HS 97)
5. Vikersund (HS 240m)
6. Zakopane (HS140m)
7. Bad Mitterndorf (HS235m)
8. Oberstdorf (HS137m)
9. Wiła - Malinka (HS134m)
10. Garmisch-Partenkirchen (142m)
11. Bischofshofen (142m)
... and many more!
There are three landing scenarios:
1. Telemark landing - Just before ground: move circle up and release.
2. Squat landing - Just before the ground: move circle in the middle and release.
3. Crash landing - Move the circle down during landing or don`t release..
The Fine Ski Jumping game is based on physics:
- Moment of jump is important, jump just before in-run ends.
- After jump you have control of the tilt of the ski jumper. Set the control wheel on the middle to achieve best results.
- Release the touch and move the circle up - just before jumper touch the ground to finish the jump with telemark. and achieve best score.
Useful links:
- facebook page:
- Official Fine Ski Jumping Tournaments Discord Channel:
- Fine Ski Jumping fanpage:

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Added: Zhangjiakou HS140
Added: Zhangjiakou HS106
Added: Online password reset
Added: Online wind angle control
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