Fetch! - The Jetpack Jump Dog Game

Fetch! - The Jetpack Jump Dog Game

2.0.13 by CookApps
どのくらい遠くまで行くことができますか? Jetpackは、どの犬よりも先にジャンプします。
Fetch! 2.0.13
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My owner must be the Hulk or something, because when he threw a ball for me to fetch, it disappeared into the distance without a trace. But I'm a good dog, so I'm not giving up. Even if I have to strap a jetpack to my back, or a fan, or a packet of ketchup - I am going to fetch that ball. Oh yes, I'm going to fetch it good.
Become the jetpack dog you never knew you wanted to be and dig your paws into the fun jumping games of Fetch! - a weird, silly, and fun jetpack jump game filled with limitless fun! Strap a jetpack to the back of your dog and jump, jump, JUMP with all your might to soar through the sky! Upgrade your dog with various different jetpacks and items so you can jump further and higher, all to achieve the ultimate goal: fetch that crazy rubber ball!
How to Play :
► Fetch! is a simple and fun jetpack jump game
► Tap to lift off and tap again to jump
► Get the timing right on each jump to go faster, further, and higher than before
► It's all in the technique - While jetpack jump dog soars through the sky, tap and hold to activate his jetpack and propel him as far as you can!
The Sky is the Limit!
You want dog games? We've got dog games!
Who's a good boy? Is it you? Yes, it is! Yes it is! Bark, bark, bark away and play as a cute and adorable puppy dog who goes the distance to please his owner in your own personal jetpack dog jumping experience!
Run Faster. Jump Harder. Bark Louder.
What's better than a dog with a jetpack? An upgraded dog with a jetpack! Everyone knows there's no such thing as a bad upgrade. Upgrade your puppy to improve its speed, jumping power, and aerodynamics so it can jump higher and further to beat the high score!
Dare to dream
You'd probably get in trouble for strapping stuff to your dog's back in real life, but guess what? You can do whatever you want when it's a video game! Rockets, Fireworks, Bee Hives? No problem! Slap it on a dog and let's see how far it can get!
Like cake, but in video game form
Fetch! is so simple and addictive, playing it is like stuffing your face with cake; lift off, soar through the sky, and get hooked trying to beat that high score! Next time, you'll get the timing juuust right!
Free as in free dog treats
Something about 'free games' always sounds somewhat fishy, but some games really are free. In Fetch! you make money by going further and breaking your own record, and you even get free money when you're offline!
Go where no dog has gone before
Cute and colorful low-poly graphics present a world full of fun designs and new areas to explore. Go where no dog has gone before and explore the world from up high in the sky!
Jetpack jump dog is counting on your to become the good boy he was always meant to be! So polish up your jumping technique, lift off to the limitless sky, and soar further than anyone else in the ultimate game of Fetch!
Fetch! 2.0.13 アップデート
*2019.09.30 update
- Bug fix
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Android 4.1+