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Explanations of The Last Tenth of The Quran App Explanations of The Last Tenth of The Quran App
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A lightweight and compact app to browse and read "Explanations of The Last Tenth of The Quran" book, in several languages, without having to connect to the Internet
The book is a miniature Islamic library which is inclusive of the basic Islamic Sciences "U'loom" a Muslim needs in his daily life. It is one of projects was generated by the Cooperative Office for the Awareness of Communities in the Old Industrial City - Riyadh City - Saudi Arabia.
The project aims to provide an inclusive book that consists of a summary of the most important things a Muslim needs in his daily life, including Qur’aan, Tafseer, Fiqh rulings, Beliefs, Virtues… etc. for every Muslim in his native language.
The book is consisted of superb and outstanding knowledge including: Al Faatihah chapter and the last three parts of the Qur’aan with its Tafseer. Moreover, it covers what a Muslim is in most need of with regards to Islamic creed and rulings, dealings, virtues, prohibited matters… etc.
It includes textual copy of the Qur’aan (Mushaf) for the recitation and memorization of the verses of the Qur’aan, in addition to understanding their meanings and their Tafseer.
The Arabic version of the book consists of 132 pages, whereas it reaches up to 200 pages in other languages (depending on the language) in high quality designs.
More than 30 scholars and students of knowledge in different specialties have contributed to the collection, organization and editing the content of this book.
Many scholars and students of knowledge from around the world have revised and recommended this book.
It presents an easy curriculum for the family members to read and study with one another.
It can be used as a textbook for Islamic Courses, as is the case in many Islamic Institutions and Centers around the world.
It can be used also to organize Islamic Trivia, where there are prizes for the winners.
Using specific sections of the book (i.e How to perform prayer, ablution, Ruqyah …etc.) "ready to print" for pamphlets and booklets, through the app.
"Tafseer Al-Oshr -Al-Akheer/Explanations of The Last Tenth of The Quran App" mobile application was developed and designed by Smartech IT Solutions, in Malaysia.
We are pleased to receive your inquiries and suggestions for development via e-mail:
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MuPDF 1.0.0 アップデート

- bug fixes and minor improvements
Note: By updating to this version, your previous notes, highlights and downloaded files will be removed.
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