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"What you Read You Become"
Do you find yourself constantly dreaming of a better life? Do you want to live with the satisfaction that everything you have in life didn’t come from luck, but from consistent, hard work?
Sure you do! But getting there can feel impossible. And if you don’t have the right mindset and self-confidence, it’s never going to happen.
In this App we collect best Success stories and Quotes of all Great Minds people who changed the world by their action.
5 best tips on how to develop a billionaire mindset to boost confidence and to win at life are ,
1. Get A Mentor
Getting yourself into a billionaire mindset means surrounding yourself with positive influences.
Ask yourself who, if you could be anyone, you’d choose to be. Are they in your field, do they have a similar personal and professional background to you, and can they tell you what not to do as much as what you should do?
Mentors can give you networking experience, offer you guidance, and keep you accountable. Start going to every industry event possible, and reading every newspaper or website dedicated to your industry, to find them.
2. Stop Blaming Your Circumstances
You might be surprised to learn just how many billionaires grew up in pretty extreme poverty.
A billionaire mindset means a refusal to accept that you’ve just been “dealt a bad hand” by life, and that there’s only so far you can go because of the circumstances of your birth.
Instead of blaming the economy, your boss, the job market, or the baby boomer generation, look at how many stories of success happened to people struggling with way worse.
They’ll seriously motivate and inspire you to stop making excuses.
3. Celebrate Small Success
When you’re working towards a huge goal, it can be hard to allow yourself to celebrate anything other than huge deals or a new position at your dream company.
But a millionaire mindset is based around the idea that every accomplishment gets you one step closer to that goal. Remember that each success is a confirmation that you have what it takes, and that you’re on the way to your dreams.
Big success is made up of hundreds of smaller successes – and requires serious persistence.
4. See Risks As Opportunities
The billionaire mindset is one that isn’t afraid of risks, challenges, and rejection. Instead, it sees risks as an opportunity to try something that no one else is doing, because everyone else is too afraid to.
Don’t go for the safe option. Have confidence in your business moves, and know that often the biggest risks have the highest payout. When it comes to the course of your life, don’t take the easy way out.
5. Get Out Of Your Head
Finally, stop over-thinking everything. Trust your instincts – they’ve gotten you this far. Plus, if you over-analyze every choice you make, you’ll end up doing nothing at all.

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