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Diabetes Sugar Tracker Prank


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You want to have fun? do you love being a doctor? now it is possible, try our diabetes sugar tracker prank app, this app allow you to use your friends fingers and measure there blood sugar level by giving them a random number, when a friend wants to go to the doctor for a diabetes sugar check just sweep in and do the job, they well be surprised to know that you can measure there diabetes/sugar level by just using there fingers, sounds awesome right?
our diabetes sugar tracker prank app is very easy to use, it has a very simple background design and it contains a fingerprint scanner, you need to follow the diabetes sugar tracker instructions to prank them the right way.
---- What do you get with this diabetes sugar tracker prank app?
- a fake blood sugar level number.
- a fake blood pressure number (50% hypertension and 50% low pressure).
- a fake heartbeat rate.
---- How does it work?
1- open the diabetes sugar tracker prank app
2- press the red "START" button to track sugar level
3- ask the other person to put his finger in the fingerprint scanner place
4- keep the finger on the fingerprint scanner until the phone vibrate
5- just simple as that and the results will be on the screen now!!
---- Disclaimer :
diabetes sugar tracker prank app is just for fun it doesn't have the ability to measure the diabetes/sugar level and/or the heartbeat rate of a human body. this a prank application and it is purely for fun and entertainment please Don't take it seriously.
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