Commerce Class 11, Class 12 Accounts BST Economics

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Commerce Class 11, Class 12 Accounts BST Economics Commerce Class 11, Class 12 Accounts BST Economics
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Your personal tutor for learning Commerce
From providing “all concept videos, notes & mock tests'' to 'analyzing your progress' and 'solving your doubts', EduRev Commerce 11 & 12 App does it all for you!
🤩 Expert Video Lectures and Notes: Prepare with topic-wise video lectures & revision notes based on CBSE Syllabus for Accounts | Business Studies | Economics | Maths | English | Hindi
💪 Practice & Test yourself with topicwise questions and practice tests based on previous question papers and NCERT textbooks
🔎 Analyse your performance: Get comprehensive analysis reports on each test, identify your weak areas and improve upon them
🗣 Discuss and Solve your doubts: Interact with like minded people and get your doubts solved in our large online community of teachers & fellow Commerce students
💯 Prepare perfectly for exam with lots of mock exams & sample question papers based on CBSE, ICSE and other State Boards Exam pattern
😃 App is like your own personal teacher, it understands you as you learn from the app & tells strengths, weaknesses & how to improve your performance.
We at EduRev, work for 3 goals for students:
- Education should not be boring & stressful, but a happy learning process
- You should get highest Quality of education, no matter where you are
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✔ Commerce study app class 11 for all subjects covering syllabus of Class 11 commerce study.
✔ Commerce study app class 12 covering syllabus of Class 12 commerce study including board exams
✔ Class 12 commerce app with solved class 12 commerce past year papers, sample papers
✔ Commerce study app with commerce books for class 11 free, class 11 commerce NCERT books & class 12 commerce NCERT books
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Commerce App 3.0.9_commerce アップデート

⭐️ EduRev is now the best designed app for learning - really!
🌙 Cool new Night mode introduced as requested
🤩 Even Better Learn Screen with better ways/tabs to access docs, videos, tests and courses
📈 A whole new Level algo which makes learning more fun
💯 An even more cleaner and minimal design
⚠️ Some of common occurring bugs and crashes also resolved in this update
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