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Bethlehem College & Seminaryからリリースされた『Biblearc』は教育アプリだ。から『Biblearc』のファイルサイズ(APKサイズ):1.05 MB、スクリーンショット、詳細情報などを確認できる。ではBethlehem College & Seminaryより配信したアプリを簡単に検索して見つけることができる。『Biblearc』に似ているアプリや類似アプリは144個を見つける。教育というのタッグは『Biblearc』を含む。現在、本作のダウンロードも基本プレイも無料だ。『Biblearc』のAndroid要件はAndroid 4.4+なので、ご注意ください。APKFabあるいはGooglePlayから『Biblearc apk』の最新バージョンを高速、安全にダウンロードできる。では全てのAPK/XAPKファイルがオリジナルなものなので、高速、安全にダウンロードできる。
Biblearc is a cloud-based application for deep study of the scriptures. In our Bible study toolbox you will find an approachable and powerful integration of cross-references, study notes and the most advanced original language search available online. Biblearc’s speciality is graphical Bible study methods, giving you the world’s smoothest experience for Arcing, Bracketing, Phrasing and Sentence Diagramming. Access your work from anywhere, as it is saved in the cloud. We offer online courses for all levels, from the beginner who has never heard of these methods and simply wants to learn to study the Word deeper, to the professor and pastor already using them.
✓ Read: an appealing and easy-to-use tool to read Scripture, with options for multiple translations and languages. Customize your reading experience by removing verse numbers, adding/subtracting red letters for the words of Jesus, removing pericope headings (or writing your own), and more...
✓ Search: type and easily search any word or phrase in Scripture. Want to search in the original languages? Search the Hebrew and Greek lexicon with our Scholar search, which rivals equivalent search engines in Logos and Accordance.
✓ Look-up: collect and list cross-references from your search results. Use the Markup tool to highlight, point to and make notes as you study.
✓ Discourse: study the logical flow of a passage and discern the main point using the graphical tools of Arcing and Bracketing.
✓ Phrasing: determine a biblical author's main point and how he supports it via indents and arrows.
✓ Diagramming: use our simple diagramming tool to outline the grammar of a passage.
✓ Notes: write observations, questions and take-aways resulting from your study.
✓ Reference: quickly review the relationships used in Arcing and Bracketing.
✓ Interface languages: English, Spanish, Romanian and German (and more to come).
✓ Text languages: Biblical Hebrew, Greek, English, Spanish, Romanian, German, Modern Hebrew, ...
✓ Published pages: it's social media--not for selfies, political rants and minute-by-minute life updates-- but designed for lovers of the Bible to share insights found while studying and to encourage, uplift and challenge each other.
✓ Groups: share and discuss with others around the world on specific topics or passages.
✓ Courses: take an online course and learn how to dig deeper into Scripture using one of Biblearc's graphical methods. Classes for beginners through advanced, with options for personal feedback and help from the instructor, and group discussions with other students.
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✓ Publishers: If you are a commercial or non-commercial publisher or author and are interested in sharing your work through please contact us.
We are always in the process of improving and adding to our site, in order that you may delve deeper into the wonders of God's Word.
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