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NOTE: This is an Easy Mode Version of our original Hard Mode version of Stephen Curry vs Lebron Game that can be downloaded at
With Stephen Curry not doing well in what could have been an epic season for the Warriors, you will be able to avenge this crushing loss. Avenge Curry by having to shoot against Lebron "King"James.
A one-on-one shooting game where Stephen Curry will shoot against Lebron James to avenge the Sacramento Warrior's loss in the championship games against the Cleveland Cavaliers.
The game is set up to have 7 games with increasing difficulty or distance from the basketball ring.
In each game level, Stephen Curry will shoot the ball as many times for 24 seconds with Lebron James blocking in front of him.
Each game level has a different passing score (shown on the score board) and you need to beat the passing score to advance to the next game level.
You have to control Stephen Curry's shooting by:
- Adjusting Curry's shooting angles (Up or Down)
- Pressing the Jump Button
- Press the Shoot Button
Learn how to play the game:
You can click the "How to Play" button in the game's main menu for more information.
For the Game Levels, the following:
Game 1: Stephen Curry will shoot at the freethrow line with Lebron James trying to block the shot.
Game 2: Stephen Curry is positioned well at the upper left side of the three point arc. Lebron James is not far behind jumping to distract Curry's shooting position.
Game 3: Curry shooting at the mid range but Lebron James tries to block frantically to prevent Curry from passing this level.
Game 4: Stephen Curry is at the lower right of the three point arc and is ready to shoot against the superhuman Lebron James.
Game 5: Stephen Curry is at the middle and is just at the 3 point line while James is still jumping up and down to block the shot.
Game 6: Curry can't get away with the slick defense by Lebron so he is now at shooting way, way beyond the arc. Almost impossible but Stephen Curry is almost Superhuman when hot!
Game 7: The last game and everything is on the wire! Stephen Curry is shooting beyond the half court line! This is insane! Lebron James is still chasing Steph like crazy!
You can also check how you fared against other Google Play players in terms of score by clicking the "Top Players" button. Make sure you have have a Google Play Services Account so you can be included in the score ranking.
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Avenge Curry, beat Lebron Baby!
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Basketball: Curry vs Lebron
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armeabi, armeabi-v7a, x86
Android 3.0+







Android 3.0+