Where's My Staff- Tracking & Attendance system

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Where's My Staff- Tracking & Attendance system Where's My Staff- Tracking & Attendance system
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It is an application that can replace the traditional attendance machines. It uses the NFC technology found in smart phones, to convert your employees and students’ phones into their identity cards and GPS to locate and track external employees.

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Where's My Staff (Paketname: com.tragging.wheresmystaff) wird von Tragging entwickelt und die neueste Version von Where's My Staff- Tracking & Attendance system 2.1.19 wurde am 8. April 2019 aktualisiert. Where's My Staff- Tracking & Attendance system liegt in der Kategorie von Büro mit der Funktion von Employee Monitoring. Sie können alle Apps von dem Entwickler der Where's My Staff- Tracking & Attendance system durchsuchen und 67 alternative Apps zu Where's My Staff- Tracking & Attendance system auf Android finden. Derzeit ist diese APP kostenlos. Diese App kann auf Android 4.0+ auf APKFab oder Google Play heruntergeladen werden. Alle APK/XAPK Dateien auf APKFab.com sind original und 100% sicher, schnell herunterzuladen. Tracking-App die Teilnahme und die Lage der Mitarbeiter mit NFC und GPS zu nehmen
It is an attendance & tracking app that can replace the traditional attendance machines. It uses the NFC technology founded in smart phones, to convert these phones into a tracking cards. Also you can use this attendance app as GPS locator, so you can locate and track your employees, colleagues who work outside the company.
How it works?
To benefit from this attendance app, go to the app website, create an account and then add employees you want to track their attendance by downloading the attendance & tracking app on their phones.
Who is Where’s My Staff for?
For every organization, planning to implement a low cost alternative tracking & attendance management system, that is capable of employees tracking and scheduling whether they were internal or external.
A brief explanation of Where’s My Staff
Where’s My Staff is actually two-in-one attendance app. NFC attendance machine, and GPS locator.
Attendance recording system part of the App:
To get advantage of all the features of this app, the account admin needs an NFC tag which is a small chip about 4cm in size and of thickness less than 1 mm, this NFC tag doesn’t need any source of power as it is passive and has its own unique code and costs around $0.50. You can order your NFC tag from app website.
This NFC tag should be attached in a specific place in the company and all the employees you wish to track their attendance must tap or pass their mobile phones onto this NFC tag from a distance up to 3cm upon arriving, which will be automatically recorded.
The activation and running of this attendance app is quite easy, all the account admin has to do is create an account on the app’s website, and introduce the basic information of the organization and its geographical location, then insert the NFC tag’s code. Moreover, employees’ accounts should be created in order to track them, and then choose the way of tracking whether through NFC or GPS or both of them NFC & GPS.
Afterwards, all the employees must download the attendance app to their mobile phones and activate the app through entering their private code (issued by the admin himself) and as soon as the activation is verified the attendance app is ready to be used.
“Locating the Positions” part of the app:
As previously mentioned, but with the ability to actually discard the NFC tag.
Features of “Where’s My Staff” attendance app:
• It is an NFC based tech, In case the NFC feature is not supported by the mobile phone, the app automatically switches to the QR technique.
• It works through GPS, where employees can be tracked only upon their consent.
• Ease of use, as the app consists of only one button.
• Slight consumption of the mobile’s energy.
• Ability to use the app offline, in which the information will be stored until it’s connected to the Internet
• The employee will not be able to manipulate the mobile phone’s time settings, where the app uses the time of the company provided by the attendance app and not the mobile phone’s itself.
• Privacy Policy, in which any employee can be tracked through GPS only upon his consent. Based on that, no one, even the admin and the producing company, can track or violate the privacy of any of the employees. (all information is confidential and secured by the privacy security systems of Android and iOS)
• All information is securely stored in cloud so that the admin may log in and perform adjustments and see attendance detail from anywhere all over the world.
• Offers six comprehensive reports that can identify the number of employees and hours of presence for each user or, in general, the days of presence and absence of each employee according to the geographical location etc.
• Export Reports to Excel
Benefits of “Where’s My Staff” attendance app:
• Attendance system for around 1$.
• No need for any special tools or equipment except the NFC tag
• No need for permanent internet connection
For more info about this Attendance & Tracking app please visit www.whereismystaff.com

Where's My Staff 2.1.19 Update

minor bug fixes
Remove exception of Egyptian time zone
Fix Notification bug for Android 8.1
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