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The Best Reading Apps for Kids

Aktualisiert: 28. Mai 2020 • 8 Apps aufgelistet • Eine App empfehlen

Reading is an essential skill that should be mandatory for everyone.These apps should do you a whole lot of good and equip your child with basic reading skills.
In diesem Artikel The Best Reading Apps for Kids geht es um Reading Apps for Child. 8 Apps werden in Bezug auf Reading Apps for Child einschließlich Epic: Kids' Books & Educational Reading Library, Khan Academy Kids: Free educational games & books, Starfall.com usw. unten aufgelistet. Dieser Artikel ist am 27. Juli 2021 aktualisiert.

In our society, you cannot get away with a lack of reading or writing skills. These are just the basic essentials of living a decent and successful life. Reading skills are important to childhood development and preschool learning. When  kids enter traditional kindergarten, they're expected to be reading. Reading levels in school are deemed extremely important from the get-go, and the push for more academic early education has led to more kids underperforming in the earliest years of school. 
How would you like to give your kids a head start on their education by ensuring that they are good readers? 
you can make your child's iPad addiction a productive one with educational apps, including those that promote early reading.  Let's  take a look at some other great apps you can download to help your kids become better readers.
There are many reading apps out there, though, and they’re not all created equal. We find you the best reading apps for your kids.

Lernen Sie mit vorgelesenen Büchern, E-Books, Videos und Hörbüchern für Grundschulkinder
Tausende unterhaltsame Aktivitäten, mit denen Kinder Mathematik, Lesen, Rechtschreibung und mehr lernen können
Kostenlos 8.3 2K+ Bewertungen 173 Alternativen
Sternenregen 'bietet zahlreiche Aktivitäten. Werden Sie Mitglied, alle Inhalte zu entsperren.
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Endless Reader
Endless Reader
Kostenlos 8.6 417 Bewertungen 149 Alternativen
Kinder haben eine Explosion Lernen Anblick Worte mit den entzückenden Endless Monstern.
HOMER Learn & Grow
HOMER Learn & Grow
Kostenlos 7.0 255 Bewertungen 217 Alternativen
Das wesentliche Frühförderprogramm für Kinder 2-8.
75+ Lessons & 250+ Spiele Songs & Videos. Versuchen Sie, die # 1 Erfahren App heute lesen!
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