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Сущности (Paketname: ru.cuteapps.creatures) wird von Cute Apps 24 entwickelt und die neueste Version von Spirits, essences and poltergeists 1.2 wurde am 17. Februar 2019 aktualisiert. Spirits, essences and poltergeists liegt in der Kategorie von Bücher & Nachschlagewerke. Sie können alle Apps von dem Entwickler der Spirits, essences and poltergeists durchsuchen. Derzeit ist diese APP kostenlos. Diese App kann auf Android 5.0+ auf APKFab oder Google Play heruntergeladen werden. Alle APK/XAPK Dateien auf APKFab.com sind original und 100% sicher, schnell herunterzuladen.
With this application you will learn how to contact with different poltergeist-creatures from other worlds. House, mermaid, vampire, witch and other mythical creatures have individual traits, require a different approach to appear in reality. We have collected a selection of rites and rituals, designed for both professional summoners and beginners in the field of magic.
Creatures from the underworld can be good, evil, grant our wishes, give advice, interfere and even cause real damage. The application describes many magical and otherworldly creatures, in it you will find the following topics:
- Looks like a real house - types barabashek;
- Do mermaids exist-myth and facts;
- How to call the fairy of the desires by yourself at home?;
- Black magic spells-Are you ready?;
- Shishiga in legends, myths, fairy tales - Russian evil spirits;
- Miracle Yudo, the dragon, Ognianik, Poloz and other Russian dragons;
- How to make a homunculus out of an egg and is it really possible;
- Types of demons according to the sources of the middle ages and modernity;
- The forbidden book of Enoch-one of the most mysterious texts;
- The evil spirits of the ancient legends of the Slavic demons;
- Archangel Michael-his history, miracles and prayers;
- Perun — family and relationships with other gods of the Slavic Pantheon;
- Veles-ancient Slavic God of harvest, wealth and livestock;
- Archangel Gabriel-prayer to the Saint and his history;
- Lilith is Adam's first wife to refuse to be a thing.;
- Exorcism - where to go and what to expect after the report;
- Slavic goddess Lada - place in the Pantheon, symbols and holidays;
- Heavenly hierarchy in Orthodox Christianity;
- Angels in Islam-hierarchy and goals of Muslim guardians;
- Satanic Bible of Anton LaVey and the biography of the priest of Satan;
- Lucifer's mother, his father and children in the Bible;
- Angel Guardian by date of birth-learn the name, character and gender;
- Abaddon-who is this powerful demon of destruction?;
- What are vampires — dhampir, and Strigoi ghoul with someone;
The demon Balthazar the sorcerer, demon and the effect name in the history;
- Six-winged Seraphim-angels nearest to God;
The demon Astaroth is a powerful Duke of hell;
- Angel of death-who he is, how to call him and how to protect;
Moloch is in the mythology — name value and essence of this creature;
- Demon velial-history and full ritual challenge;
- How to summon a pokémon and get a magical pet;
Waal — one of the bloodiest of the gods and cunning demon;
- Books key of Solomon-secrets of ancient grimoires;
- Learn how to recognize a witch and protect yourself from evil spells;
- Why in the past I tried to burn a witch at the stake?;
- How to become a Winx fairy for real at home;
- How to call a sweet tooth in the afternoon at home on their own?;
- How to summon a dwarf-the secrets of children's magic;
- How to become a fairy with wings for real?;
- How to call Bloody Mary and what she can do;
- How to become invisible-effective magic techniques;
- What do mermaids look like-creatures in the real world;
- Do werewolves really exist in our world?;
- How to become a psychic to an ordinary person?;
- How to become an angel to a person in real life?;
- Do vampires exist in real life?;
- How to become a psychic at home?;
- Archangel Raphael — what to handle and how to pray;
- How to become a medium-self-help for beginners;
- How to produce a Genie to grant wishes?;
- How to become a witch truly in our days?;
- How to summon the Queen of spades - practice summoning spirits;
- How to become a fairy at home?;
- Call of spirits - rites of summoning evil and good creatures;
- How to call the angel and to accomplish what you want?;
- How to become a sorceress or a witch in real life?;

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Spirits, essences and poltergeists
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Spirits, essences and poltergeists
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