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Spell Tracker for Pathfinder 1e Spell Tracker for Pathfinder 1e
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Spell Tracker (Paketname: com.spelltrackerapp.pathfinder) wird von Caster Level entwickelt und die neueste Version von Spell Tracker for Pathfinder 1e 4.9.3 wurde am 8. Januar 2021 aktualisiert. Spell Tracker for Pathfinder 1e liegt in der Kategorie von Unterhaltung. Sie können alle Apps von dem Entwickler der Spell Tracker for Pathfinder 1e durchsuchen und 149 alternative Apps zu Spell Tracker for Pathfinder 1e auf Android finden. Derzeit ist diese APP kostenlos. Diese App kann auf Android 4.1+ auf APKFab oder Google Play heruntergeladen werden. Alle APK/XAPK Dateien auf APKFab.com sind original und 100% sicher, schnell herunterzuladen. Verfolge Zaubersprüche pro Tag, vorbereitete und wirkende Zaubersprüche und aktive Zaubersprüche in Pathfinder 1e
Make it easy to track your spellcasting in the Pathfinder RPG. Spell Tracker keeps track of everything related to spellcasting and magic in one place.
It remembers which spells you know. It calculates your spells per day per level. It updates your remaining spell slots as you prepare and cast spells. It tracks the remaining duration of active spell effects. And it puts the rules at your fingertips.
It's great for players and GMs with spellcasting NPCs.
Being a spellcaster can be complicated. Don't make it harder with pen and paper or spreadsheets. Use an app that takes care of everything for you. Enjoy the game instead of doing admin.
- Never forget how many spells per day you have left to cast and prepare.
- Countdown the durations of active spells as you prepare, cast, and play.
- Create and edit your characters with as few taps as possible.
- Get the full rules for any spell from d20pfsrd in one tap.
- Handle metamagic feats with ease.
- Track magic items (wands, potions, scrolls, staves and metamagic rods).
- Track special abilities.
- Sync between devices.
- Import characters from PCGen.
- Try every official Paizo caster classes (including core, base, hybrid, prestige and unchained caster classes).
- Pick from over 2000 spells from over 130 Paizo sources.
For licensing information, please see: https://www.spelltrackerapp.com/licensing

Spell Tracker 4.9.3 Update

- Bloodragers now have their effective caster level reduced by 3.
- Added new spells from Wilderness Origins and Elemental Master's Handbook.
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