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Bridal Dresses! Here bride "bride" as the most important factor. Wedding more emphasis on the need to pay attention to other details of the wedding choosing some point. Life of this most special, resemble the fairytale princess in a wedding dress like a dream in the most beautiful day dream all young girls, however, since your childhood, you see your dreams ornaments or in shop windows, not enough to ask only one wedding dress you like in magazines. The important thing is to determine a model and style that suits you. Wedding concept is also the model you choose and is compatible with all other details as needed.
Choosing the right fabric and the right to tailor the choice of wedding dress is so important. The model you like, you can move the trial so far tailor figures you choose. Surely business veteran, one of which must erect to keep your eyes. Because it did not have time to say you can not always be new dikkel. Determining the wedding dress price is actually working. Later, stone processing and then comes the fabric. If you want an expensive, hard to find sometimes fabric cloth fabric on the basis of the price at that time may come first. Now let a part of the fabric used in the wedding dress.
Silk slub fault: Way, textured fabric. Dress of the fabrics used in the face, in comparison with the conventional straight cut dresses more preferred.
French lace: Used in veil rather than dresses. All applicable in wedding dress.
Guipure (lace promenade), especially collars, available in the arm and chest section. In autumn and winter wedding dress is preferred.
Cord to lace: it is preferable for this kind fabrics can be used throughout the summer wedding dresses.
Satin: This is the most preferred wedding dress fabric. Thanks to its silky texture is used frequently, especially in summer dress. This fabric is often used in wedding dresses suitable for every cut.
Slub: Silk textured fabric is shiny and rare works. Wedding Preferable both the top and the skirt portion. Because silky structure is suitable for all kinds of wedding dresses.
Chiffon: used in a transparent and summer wedding dress with fine structure. This fabric is suitable for all types of flying romantic wedding.
Organza: It is transparent and an ideal fabric for summer wedding due to the fine structure. Wedding dress is an ideal fabric for use in all body types. It can be used in conventional and unconventional wedding dress.
Taffeta: The most preferred fabric due to the structure in Wedding and engagement. Both pastels, and a fabric with bright colors. Available at the top and the skirt portion of the dress. It applied in more fluffy wedding dress.
Embroidery on tulle (embroidered French lace) finished motif on fabric lace is made of a fine mesh. Wedding dress collar, chest and arms used in the section. Every season is suitable for wedding dresses.
Ziberl: There is a silk fabric on fabric. Fay is thinner and silk. Couplers used in the wedding dress.
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