31 Days of Purity

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31 Days of Purity 31 Days of Purity
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This is of a continuation of the 31 Day Prayer challenges started by Mike Leake on Facebook and mikeleake.net. This time he has partnered with Tim Challies, challies.com, to pray for sexual purity.
Tim describes it as being "for all of us - for those who are young and those who are old, for those who are married and those who are single, for those who struggle mightily in the area of sexual sin and for those who may barely struggle at all. It is a time - a month - to focus on what the Bible says about sexual purity. Each day I will share a short passage from Scripture, a brief reflection on that passage, and a prayer. You can ponder the Scripture, read the devotional, and pray the prayer, and why not do it together with a friend, a brother in Christ?"
Even if you have gained significant victory in this area, thank the Lord, but don’t stop battling.
"There is a kind of weakness, a kind of vulnerability, that may come when we are convinced of our strength. It is when we are not being tempted, it is when we are standing strong in the Lord’s grace, that we ought to consider the times we will be weak and tempted and eager to sin. We need to assume such times will come and we need to use the moments of strength to put measures in place that will protect us when we are weak." - Tim Challies
Also, even as you pray for yourself, you can partner with a friend who may not be experiencing the same victory. Encourage him along. There is every reason for you to join us, even if you are not struggling in this area.
Women, you can be involved too. You can follow along, read what God’s Word says, and then pray for the men in your life: your husbands, your sons, your grandsons. What a blessing it would be to them if you will pray for them in an area in which Satan seems to be winning so many battles. Also, if you are struggling in the area of sexual purity, you’ll easily be able to adapt the devotionals and prayers to your own use.
Share your progress and encourage others on Facebook and Twitter with #p4p31
Find out more at: http://www.mikeleake.net/2014/02/31-days-of-purity.html and http://www.challies.com/articles/join-with-me-for-31-days-of-purity

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- Fixing bug some users were seeing that caused days to reset. You may have to go into Settings to reset the day you were on.
- Fixing some typos
- Cleaning up and simplifying the user interface
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