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'Do It Tomorrow' is a Windows desktop application which helps you to track, organize, reuse, export, print, and summarize your tasks.

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Do It Tomorrow (Paketname: si.biromt.dit) wird von Biro M&T entwickelt und die neueste Version von Do It Tomorrow 1.0.8 wurde am 9. Mai 2013 aktualisiert. Do It Tomorrow liegt in der Kategorie von Effizienz mit der Funktion von Task Management and Google Drive integration usw. Sie können alle Apps von dem Entwickler der Do It Tomorrow durchsuchen und 20 alternative Apps zu Do It Tomorrow auf Android finden. Derzeit ist diese APP kostenlos. Diese App kann auf Android 2.2+ auf APKFab oder Google Play heruntergeladen werden. Alle APK/XAPK Dateien auf sind original und 100% sicher, schnell herunterzuladen. Offers the effectiveness of one of the most original time management systems.
'Do It Tomorrow' is a unique and very effective approach to time management. It was developed by Mark Forster, the author of the book 'Do It Tomorrow and Other Secrets of Time Management'.
Some of the most important benefits of this approach are:
* Use of a closed list instead of classic to-do list.
* Current initiative.
* No prioritizing.
* Commitments instead of interests.
Do It Tomorrow for Android is a part of a larger project, initially started as a Windows desktop application, which helps you to track, organize, reuse, export, print, and summarize your tasks.
* separate planned, urgent, and backlog list
* close/open your planned daily list
* copy or move tasks to another day or to the backlog
* export tasks to the Windows desktop application
* current initiative
* default task's duration setting
* email tasks
Have a clear vision of what you are actually trying to achieve. It is very important to know what are you going to do as well as what are you not going to do.
Establish limits on your current work: focus on just one task at a time. If you spread your attention on too many things you will usually end up with only a few task finished within your outlined plan.
When you finish one task, go to the next; eliminate any disturbance during the working on a task as much as possible.
Avoid working on huge tasks — divide them into smaller ones. For example, do not plan a task "write manual" but rather divide it into tasks such as "write introducing chapter", "write table of contents" etc.
Find appropriate default amount of time for each task, e.g. 25 minutes, and try to transform huge tasks into smaller fragments.
Work on such tasks often — each day, once a week etc., and you will find out they will be finished sooner than working on it in occasional big chunks of activity.
Define the time you assume you will need for completing a task. You will be more effective if you work within defined limits.
Try working in timed bursts — you can use your watch or ordinary kitchen timer. Using this principle, you will gradually improve your skills for estimating tasks duration.
Many time management systems use a 'to-do list' which often results in a wish list. If you want to make a realistic activity plan for each working day you have to make a closed list of tasks you will work on.
To create a closed list, use Close list feature in 'Do It Tomorrow' application and do not add anything to it. If you get any urgent/unplanned task you must do in the same day, write it under the line or enter it into the 'Urgent' list in 'Do It Tomorrow' application.
If you use closed list there is no need to prioritise your work - you do all tasks from the list for your working day.
Unplanned tasks, which are mostly treated as inevitable interruptions, are a great danger for not completing your work during the day. In such cases, you have to use effective prioritising - classify such events in the right list:
- try to convince the person who asked for it to schedule the task for the next day (or for the first available)
- put those tasks you really have to do during the same day into 'Urgent' list
You may have a lot of interests but you have to limit your commitments otherwise you will not be able to realise them. Treat all tasks on your working day list as commitments and limit the list so you will really finish all tasks.
As Mark Forster wrote in his book: "A person without any interest would be very dull. But it is immensely important to distinguish between having an interest in something and having a commitment to something. It is commitment that will make the real difference in your life and work."
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